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More Importantly – “This is the most-overworked phrase in the English language today. What’s worse, it’s grammatically incorrect. Important is an adjective, not an adverb. Translation: this is important this is more important. Everyone in the .: scholars, media types, politicians, speech writers everywhere, abuse this phrase. Let’s consign this one to the trash can forever.” – Dorothy Powers, WJR Radio, Detroit, Mich.

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Robust – “Please accept my nomination, due to abuse and overuse of the word ‘robust’ (in the auto industry, only).” – Rob Robinson, Livonia, Mich. (Rob pulled nine references to ‘robust processes,’ ‘robust materials,’ and ‘robust packaging,’ from the first 68 pages of the Ford Automotive Operations MS-9555 requirements.)

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8775 What was once a polite warning has turned into a declarative statement: I have just spoiled something for you. When news outlets print articles with headlines such as, 8766 Huge upset in men 8767 s Olympic swimming, 8767 with a diminutive 8766 spoiler alert 8767 on the link to the rest of the article, I think it 8767 s safe to say we 8767 ve forgotten the meaning of the word 8766 alert.'' 8776 Afton, Portland, Ore.

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65 year old woman seeking a man close to my age to share my off grid life with. If your interested let me know. I can use work working tools, tractors. Have my own virgin land in Tennessee ready and waiting for us. I love to garden, and build.

I joined Survivalist Singles, but it wont let me log in and I have TRIED to contact the site owner, but have NOT heard back!! From reading through these comments, seem to be working better then their site!! lol

8775 Used when talking about Twitter, but everyone seems to add it to everyday vocabulary. #annoying #stopthat #hashtag #hashtag #hashtag. 8776 – Alex, Rochester, Mich.

Wanted: Part-Time Person – 8775 what is the person the rest of the time? 8776 (A part time squid?) Fanet K. Brice, Baraboo, Wisconsin

Creating a positive story line about this year’s team (and frankly, every other Bucs team cobbled together since Super Bowl 87) is a desperate cry for help from this franchise. Putting one together in post-production for HBO is pretty easy. Those editors will be the only people that can get anyone to care about what may happen on the field. Could they improve on last year and get in the playoffs? Sure. Just the same, they could go Chernobyl on the greater-Tampa area and nuclear burn anyone in Central Florida who may have believed in them. I’m betting on the latter.

James B. Whyte of Newmarket Ontario, said we should continue to use, if not overuse, “politically correct euphemisms such as ‘strategically dehired’ for ‘fired.’ …Used enough times as a term of opprobrium, even the most thoroughly sanitized euphemisms will start to stink, its rigid ‘correctness’ wilting in the light of the truth.”

Your Call Is Very Important To Us – “ If my call was really important, there would be a real live person to answer the phone, and enough people on duty do one would not be left hanging on hold and functioning as an unpaid telephone operator.” – John Mertes, somewhere in “Cyberspace.”