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Boyfriends and girlfriends, rightfully so, had some hysterical reactions to the texts. Most got accusatory, others threatening and a few had their own confessions. All in all, it turned out to be a terrible idea for those couples, but a genius idea for the rest of the Twitterverse to enjoy.

7Reasons Women Reject Eager Men * Hooking Up Smart

Yep, beagle! He looks totally different now, his face is completely light brown without the black markings. He 8767 s also a total rascal and drives us all nuts. 😉

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8775 Its not so binary. There is a middle ground ( ) People aren’t turned on all the time at home and sex isn’t the only thing we do there. When its time for that, whatever it takes to arouse those feelings can be done. 8776

This Texting Prank Is Sure to Cause Relationship Issues

LOL brother that 8767 s easy! Because the women that 8775 just know 8776 and the women that can 8767 t decide are the exact same women with a different guy. When she is with an equal/lower SMV guy, she can 8767 t decide. But, if she manages to snag a higher SMV guy, all of a sudden she just 8775 knows 8776 . 😛

People have preferences that affect the way they judge. ., my college roommate was (is) Korean and he had a definite heirarchy of beauty with Asians at the top. A white 65 to me was more like a 7 or 8 to him, he would always rank an Asian 8 higher. And so on.

8775 I see this in women and men. We say we want one thing, but we behave in a way that leads us in the exact opposite direction. I don’t know if it’s a self-sabotage thing or just people not being able to admit what they want. 8776

No, I agree with you. I think others have expressed this well already a confident statement, . 8775 I like you. I want to see more of you. 8776 is going to be a lot more favorably received than 8775 You 8767 re so amazing, I can 8767 t believe this is happening. Can I see you tomorrow and text you 75 times between now and then? 8776

So now we also have not only learn how to game chicks into bed, but also how to commit to them in a way that hamster is happy

Wow I 8767 d never really thought about point #6 before but it makes so much sense. I can already feel that idea taking root in my mind.

9. Women expect to have to compete for a male, winning him over with our feminine wiles and enticing him into exclusivity as we successfully navigate his high standards.

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