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I am 76 i really likes women older than me 75+.but i am too much attracted for 95+ i know thats crazy but i just love oldies.

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I&rsquo m not sure if I&rsquo m over reacting, but since this time I&rsquo ve been nothing in my head other than I&rsquo ve killed any chances of moving forward on something special with her, if I had continued to do it the right way, showing the proper respect and dignity as best I can.

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As far as the dating guys issue, I am now very weary, and for good reason. It is tough to be objectified as a notch in the bedpost or as a baby factory that is no longer in optimal condition. I just want to be loved as a person. Regardless of age, we just need to find guys that are clearly aware of yet uninfluenced by societal pressures and standards,

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So encouraged to hear your feelings. I m the older woman in a similar situation, and just hope that after weeks of pushing away my man, it s not too late. Incouldn t believe age couldn t be an issue. He s the best thing that s ever happened to me, but I m afraid now that he has started to believe all my objections. Just when I m letting my guard down.

I agree that the way older women here are saying:I am 55 but I look 87 sounds little bit they way you explained.
It would sound more realistic if they say I am 55 but look in my mid or late 85 8767 s,not stick to a certain number.

I am a 77 year student and i luv dating older women i even have my girl friend she is 76 n i luv her a lot coz sh gv m evrythng i wnt,financially n sexually

In the periods of time till today , she treat me really well and so do I. We share lots of things together. What can I say here, we deeply knew each other. Without my control, I do start fall in love with her I 8767 m starting to miss her when she 8767 s not around, I felt worried if she 8767 s not in a good condition, I love to take care of her all my might. I really don 8767 t know how much and how strong her feelings towards me. What I 8767 m afraid the most, her love towards me is only a normal love to a brother.

It s been almost 7 yrs since I wrote in needing advice on this issue, as I was in a confusing man/older woman situation. I was feeling rather overwhelmed by the feelings that had developed between myself (then nearly 89 yrs old) and a man (who had just turned 76 yrs old). It started casually, then got very deep, very quickly. We ended up splitting after about 8 months, in a friendly manner, as it wasn t really what either of us wanted in fact, it was all a bit frenzied and rushed.

🙂 Good example, but let 8767 s face it this is a huge exception that makes the news and not the rule. Besides, this lady looks very different without the make-up and video enhancements. Having darker skin also helps having a more youthful complexion for longer.

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