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Tutorial to create an Animated GIF in Photoshop CS5 CS6

Дата публикации: 2017-10-12 07:48

thankyou , it helps me so much. my boss assigned me on for unexpectedly and i was like shock but because of this my life and job saved :D xD :P


Wow, nice guide. Simple and clear.
Made my first GIF with CS6 from scratch (editing, timeline, etc) in less than 85 minutes. Thank you so much, now I have my own custom avatar I can use in forum :D

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Please help. When I select the images, then click OK, the program doesn 8767 t load them in, just stays blank as it was before. No matter how many times I try, it 8767 s still the same. But it doesn 8767 t freeze. Could re-installing help, or I shoulnd 8767 t do that? Thank you, and sorry for my english.

Hey, I managed to create the gif thanks to this ridiculously user-friendly tutorial, but when I hit 8775 Save for web and devices 8776 I get a pop up from photoshop saying the file is too big to use for web and devices? Any ideas what I 8767 m doing wrong? Maybe the images need to be resized? How?? Help!!

Thanks for the great tutorial, It allowed me to replace some Java apps now that Java keeps scaring my clients with asking if it can run the application.

I have just upgraded to and when I use the animation of an item on a white background I am getting a ghost image. (see http:///products/ ). Any idea what is causing it?
cheers for the great tutorial.

Marc, if you are also getting an HTML file, you might have slices set up in the document which means the image might be split up. I would make sure everything is on one slice, and save only as Images Only, not HTML and images.

Hi Greg, Thanks! To make a fade between frames, you need to crate the additional “in between” layers manually. I would make copies of your layers, and then use the Opacity value in the Layers palette, along with “Layer > Merge Down” to blend your images one at a time to end up with a set of frames, which when animated, appear to fade.

Hi koijoy,
Make sure you go to File > Save for Web 588 Devices to save the GIF If you just do File > Save As, it will ask for you to flatten layers, but that is not what you want. I hope that solves your problem.

In the Animation/Timeline palette menu (found at the top right corner of the palette), click Make Frames From Layers. I can 8767 t find this top right corner it speaks of i can 8767 t get passed step 9 please help