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Tutorial to create an Animated GIF in Photoshop CS5 CS6

Дата публикации: 2017-10-13 08:09

Marc, if you are also getting an HTML file, you might have slices set up in the document which means the image might be split up. I would make sure everything is on one slice, and save only as Images Only, not HTML and images.

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Hi there is it possible to create an animated Gif and make it play when someone hovers over the Gif and then stops when they move away from the gif, is it possible to do this without coding but natively in PS or another Gif making program


mizan, The menu appears after you click the little dropdown icon in the top right corner of the timeline palette (See Step 9 for what the icon looks like)

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Brian You are the best! Thank you so very much. You have the easiest tutorial for animation and I really appreciated your super quick response.
Thank you! :)

Hi Hafsa,
There is nothing wrong, that just means the image is large. Yes, you can resize the image to make it smaller, or just ignore the warning 588 continue. It will work, but it may slow down your computer 588 take a long time to load.

Wow, nicxe tuts on GIF, i am stuck at 8 th step when when i saved, it only gives still image instead of animated image, ops thats my fault as i am not saving the file as GIF, so now problem solved, Nice and wonderful tutorial thanks a lot lot lot, It really help me a lot for my project

Hi Gustavo,
Thanks, I 8767 m glad it was a help!
6. I do know that Facebook won 8767 t allow animated GIFs, it converts the file to a static picture first. I suspect a similar thing is happening with your BlackBerry.
7. Yes, in Windows, the default image viewer won 8767 t show the animation. But, you can open any web browser and drag the GIF into the browser and see the animation.

Thank you for posting your tutorial. However, I couldn’t get it to work as you describe using Photoshop Extended CS6 on a Mac. The problem is that when you first open the Timeline palette, the drop-down menu in the upper right hand corner of the palette does not have an option to “Make Frames From Layers”.

To those STILL having issues even after the “correction” above to the “Make Frames from layers” issue- after a million tries I figured out what I’m not doing right- this may help for those other folk who aren’t regular photoshop users. First follow the below steps from Mark….

You’ll always find some websites on the top of google. You may pickup an online Video to GIF converter or even you can combine images to make the gif for the same, there are literally number of ways.