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10 Marriage-Saving Lessons from Long-Distance Couples

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Accept that things could end at any moment, be OK with it and make your focus *enjoying* every moment you spend together because it might be the end (and if it is, you 8767 re OK with that).

Here's How to Have a Long Distance Marriage | Glamour

I don 8767 t regularly comment on articles, but after finding and trying out what this article suggests, I am inclined to comment.

Best Ideas for Long Distance Relationship - Long Distance

You’re not the first couple to experience problems in your marriage. But if you’re having trouble solving them yourself, look elsewhere. Elizabeth, who grew up in a military family and married into one “knew to reach out to women who had been there, done that with deployments” because it’d be too hard to face living apart without support. Whether you’re dealing with money troubles or infidelity, a marriage therapist can help you through almost any situation—as long as you reach out to one.

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Hi Eric,
My LDR is great in every way, however he has no intentions to ever move and I can 8767 t move there for personal reasons. Am I just wasting my time, even though he says he wants to be with me until the end of time?
Thank you,

Believe me, I know what it 8767 s like to be worrying and wondering, 8775 Is this really going to last?  Am I kidding myself? 8776  You think about the other person losing interest or cheating on you.  You fear that someone else will come along and take the person you love away from you.

This is  assuming that you and he have similar tastes and experience the world in similar ways.  If he doesn 8767 t enjoy the kind of music, videos, and movies you enjoy, you may need to dig deeper to find the things you both enjoy and can experience together from a distance.

Eric, Thank you for writing this article. It has been invaluable in changing my perspective on loving unconditionally my SO in the LDR Im currently in. And if one doesnt feel enough love being returned, then its time to move on rather than getting twisted in a knot about it. Life is always changing. As soon as one acknowledges that fact, its a lot easier to appreciate living in the here and now.

While there 8767 s life, there 8767 s hope Man Hater. You just haven 8767 t found your match yet. He 8767 s just around the corner, open your eyes and you will see.

A little background on my situation:
I met a guy in my city 9 months ago. During the first month, he wanted to see me everyday. We went on 9 dates within the first week. He even called daily while out of the country visiting his family over the holidays. He also met my family here.

Despite my bias against these sorts of sites, I couldn 8767 t help but to really think about a lot of what Eric was saying and found myself reading through all of the previous posts.

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