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Nigeria lies entirely within the tropics yet there are wide climactic variations. In general, there are two seasons, dry and wet, throughout Nigeria. Near the coast, the seasons are less sharply defined. Temperatures of over 95°F are common in the north, but near the coast, where the humidity is higher, temperatures seldom climb above that mark. Inland, around the two great rivers, the wet season lasts from April-Oct. and the dry season from Nov.-March. Temperatures are highest from Feb-April in the south and MarchJune in the north they're lowest in July and Aug. over most of the country.

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MANDARA MOUNTAINS are also in this area, stretching from south, in the Mambilla, to Mubi in the north. The Mandaras provide some of the most spectacular scenery in all of Africa. Itis suggested that tourists in the area take at least a week to enjoy both the Nigeria and Cameroon sides of these mountains.

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria - History

It is worth mentioning that like most African nations there are some areas where you should be more careful about traveling. There is some serious civil unrest in both the North, in the predominantly Muslim area, and in the South where the indigenous people are fighting for a greater share of the nation's oil revenue.

Fortunately the official language of Nigeria is English and the fact that Nigeria only gained its independence in 6965 means that you'll find English is still spoken by the vast majority of people and of course in all the hotels, airports, ports and other places where communicating matters the most. It also means that dating a Nigerian should be a very straightforward process.

I 8767 m from Lagos, Nigeria and I must say you 8767 re absolutely on point with this post. I call lagos a jungle. It 8767 s crazy out there yet so many great and fun times. I 8767 m glad we both feel the same love-hate from my birthplace haha

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IBADAN was until recently the largest indigenous African city. Located along the edge of a thickly wooded forest belt, it was called Eba-Odan, meaning a town at the edge of the forest.' Today it's the capital and main commercial center of Oyo state. Places of interest include Dugbe market, a huge traditional marketplace, the Parliament Building, the University of Ibadan, Nigeria's premiere university, its Teaching Hospital and Cocoa House. Ibadan is also close to the historic towns of Oyo, Ogbomosho, Ijebu-Ode, Ife, Ilesha, and Oshogbo.

Nigeria has grown with flocks of beautiful ebony bombshells, from to busty and from slim to older, the Nigerian female society has busted out in flames of beautiful damsels. One predominant place you will find these amazing flocks are mostly centered around Lagos and Abuja.

In the South Nigerian women are a bit more liberated and with a massive divorce rate in the country you'll find that the vast majority of single Nigerian women are very interested in becoming Mrs. Somebody, and as soon as they possibly can.

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