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I understand that the topic for this forum is specifically about narcissistic, abusive men. Let 8767 s all be careful here and put away our own projections and assert an objective viewpoint that encompasses the problem in its entirety, which just might include the antithesis of this specific topic. Are women somehow immune to this kind of behavior? Are we not trying to get a clearer picture of these behavior patterns for the sake of understanding and healing? Just a thought.

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My grandfather was the worst we learned to 8775 walk on eggshells 8776 as Randy Kruger says. What were we getting out of it? Keeping my mom happy. She feared grandpa 8767 s reprisals against grandma, & needed us to be one [happy ?] family. It was like an unwritten contract between my mom & grandpa: you take care of her, & we 8767 ll put up with you.

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Sir, I believe I have met the criteria for the diagnosis of NPD. I have done some research, and supposedly there is no cure. Is this true? Is there actually no hope for us, even though we have identified the nature of our problem?

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I 8767 m terrified of longer tunnels, particularly the one that runs between Baltimore and Washington DC. It goes under the Chesapeake Bay and it 8767 s a long one. As I drive through it, all I can think about is, 8775 Oh my gosh. What if it springs a leak? What if it collapses? I 8767 ll die instantly. 8776 Irrational, I know, but we all have at least one irrational fear. As I go through this tunnel, I 8767 m white-knuckling the steering wheel. I 8767 m holding my breath. I 8767 m wishing I could just close my eyes.

The vindictive narcissist is an especially difficult problem because he or she will do anything to triumph. Often the best course of action is to find another job. If you feel compelled to put a stop to her, you 8767 ll need to get legal about it. Document everything. Enlist others to do the same. Sometimes, you have to threaten the employer with a lawsuit before they 8767 ll do anything about the VN at work.

Shannon, the book The Gift Of Fear might be helpful to you, I strongly recommend you track a copy down asap, it 8767 s written by a guy who analyses exactly this kind of threat and he talks about the warning signs and realistic outcomes. Don 8767 t take any risks if you truly fear for your children 8767 sa safety better to be embarrassed or a 8775 bitch 8776 than live a lifetime of regret and grief.

Like multitasking , where I’m rushing to do as much as I can in a short amount of time, I’ll continue listening to podcasts sped up, knowing it’s a bit of a tradeoff between enjoyment and efficiency. There’s something appealing about being more efficient even when you don’t have to—and having an extra 69 minutes in my day that could be spent listening to another podcast episode.

Anna, I think you 8767 ve described the problem very well. As you found out, there is no such thing as 8775 constructive 8776 criticism as far as the narcissist is concerned. Unfortunately, because of the power dynamics involved in the workplace, there 8767 s very little an employee can do with a narcissistic boss, other than keep your head down as you are doing, or move on. In many ways, it resembles the experience of a child with narcissist parents, who has to conform to the needs of those parents rather than have their own needs addressed. At least you have the option of looking for another job!

The emphasis has indeed been on men but there have been several comments about narcissistic women, especially ex-wives who abuse the legal system to retaliate.

How do you handle the narcissistic in court. Trying to limit amount of time 5 year old spends with him. He abuses oxycodone but passes drug test at work. Also has several gums in he that he refused to put child looks on when married. He now claims he sold the guns and tells 5 year old I am keeping him from him. My lawyer says court will not deviate from standard visitation schedule. I am really concerned about my son.

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