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How to Get a Boy to Kiss You when You're Not Dating Him

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Pushing these thoughts aside, desperate to address a more urgent need as he felt Prissy's and Rebecca's hands on his panties again he mumbled, "Um, ah, Can, oh I mean Ms. Candy can I um, ask you, um, something in private?"

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Once he had finished that task Miles ordered him to gently blow on his cock and balls to dry them. Kneeling in his wet panties Bobbi felt like the biggest pansy in the world blowing on Miles's cock and balls. Was there no end to his humiliations? As if reading his mind Miles next asked him if he had a comb in his pretty purse?

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Growing up Jazz's bedroom was filled with girly things - pink bed linen, a closet filled with dresses and an ample collection of stuffed animals.

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Giggling Rebecca added, "Bobbi there's lots of gay guys that are going to find you just adorable. With your precious tattoo and pretty panties you will drive them wild."

Bobbi quickly sat down on the seat to hide his shame. He could feel his little penis shrivel up under Prissy's line of questioning. He folded his hands over his lap to further protect himself from prying eyes unknowingly making himself look even more femmy. Prissy kept up her teasing and Bobbi found it impossible to urinate under these circumstances.

Being scared of Candy and too much of a pussy, Bobbi made no denials. "Bobbi, you have such dainty taste in clothes, how cute," Prissy giggled.

After going on a couple of rides Miles led Bobbi over to the Eddie Money concert where they found a bench to sit on. Eventually Miles pulled Bobbi close to him and wrapped his arm around his waist. Bobbi was way too scared of Miles and of making a scene to resist his advances.

Now, a lot of these differences require taking the time to know someone to figure out if the apple of your eye is indeed a man, or a mere boy. However, one of the quickest filters that you can notice from the beginning is this:

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"Yes Ms. Candy," Bobbi submissively answered. Not really having a clue what he would write he headed for his room to do as ordered. Putting his ridiculous new purse on his dresser he sat down at his computer and tried to think of what he could write. "Oh this sucks...this has to be the gayest thing ever, but if I don't write it, Candy's going to make big trouble for me and I just don't want another spanking. That hurt so much and was so humiliating to be spanked at my age. So what if I write it, doesn't mean its true.....," Bobbi thought.

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