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Mother’s Day is Sunday. Does anyone need to put that on their calendar? If you have a mom in your life and you haven’t already placed an order for flowers/made a dinner reservation/procured a card, now is the time to do so! If you are fortunate enough to have more than one mom in your life (say, your mom, the mother of your children, and your mother-in-law) Mother’s Day can get overwhelming, fast.


Other mothers might feel valued by, well, being released from the household entirely for a period of time—several women in my moms group want to celebrate Mother’s Day with a couple of girlfriends and a fat blunt. One woman I interviewed goes for chicken and waffles with her wife and son, and then they go for a hike as a family. Who knows? The point of the intentional conversations is to avoid the frantic rifling of picked-over cards at the Rite Aid at 8 . on Sunday morning, and to develop an affectionate and joyful culture of celebration in your family. And what goes around comes around. Pardon me while I price out Telecasters.

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I know this can be a little anxiety-provoking. I don’t love coming up with the perfect celebrations for birthdays or Father’s Day either—no one is immune from pressure to perform around gift-giving holidays. (In fact, one friend in a two-mom family declined to comment for this story, afraid her wife would see it and be reminded of past celebratory fails.)

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Mothers’ opinions are divided right down the middle here. Claire Zulkey, a writer and a mom of two in Evanston, Illinois, says, “I have come to realize how silly it is for a partner to sit back and expect someone to magically know your deepest wishes. I think my husband loves it when I’m like ‘I want to stay in bed on Mother’s Day’ or ‘I want to go a baseball game on Mother’s Day,’ because then he is always happy to oblige, but doesn’t have to spend time trying to discern what I want deep down. He’ll do a little something that is his own surprise/treat, but I otherwise manifest my own good day.”

There actually a handful of smartphone apps that can help you monitor your time in the sun, yell at you like mom when you need to apply sunscreen, and make suggestions on when you should head indoors (or at least under that tree for a while) to prevent getting too toasty.

Alright, this app is probably more of a novelty than it is actually useful, but I thought it was a clever idea, so I included it on the list. is a site the helps men track the menstrual cycles of the women in their lives. By doing so, men all over the world can prepare themselves mentally for their wives 8767 or girlfriends 8767 PMS moodiness. All you do is enter the last known date of her cycle and its average length, and PMS Buddy will provide you with the date of your lady 8767 s next period.

Perhaps the manliest app on the list, the AoM App will increase your manliness by 779% right after you download it. You 8767 ll get the latest updates from the site and access to our manly podcasts and videos. Put some hair on your chest. Get the app.

If you are anything like me, you may prefer avoidance to trying something and muffing it. But even the smallest effort—a bunch of supermarket flowers, a drugstore card—is wildly, dramatically better than doing nothing at all.

If you 8767 re looking to mix things up in the gym a bit, check out the Men 8767 s Health Workouts App. The app comes preloaded with over 75 of the magazine 8767 s most popular workouts. Additionally, the app features step-by-step instructions on how to perform each exercise and a logging feature so you can record your weight and reps for each exercise. Finally, the app includes a timer to help manage your resting periods.

Set an alarm if you have to. Don’t let your partner get up with the kids and get them breakfast and wonder if you’ve forgotten entirely.

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