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Consider the phrasing of the titular question: As "white girl," I am the object of the question. The objectification points to a society that considers women a commodity. This symptom manifests itself in the trend of white female pop stars using women of color as props. It also manifests itself in well-intentioned but racially tone-deaf efforts at criticizing that trend. The attempted satire is lost in the same cultural appropriation it attempts to criticize. In short, the more we see each other as bodies, as the skin we're in, the less we truly see each other.

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There's no denying race matters when it comes to online dating. Emerging data indicates African-American women and Asian men are among the most penalized types of people on dating apps like OK Cupid.

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As I've gotten older, that statement has taken on a different gravity. There are statistically fewer men of color than white men. Black men are also statistically more likely to be incarcerated and, according to yet more statistics , less likely to be monogamous. My partner is a Black man who is honest, emotionally and financially secure and monogamous. Certainly, there are plenty of white men who are incarcerated or promiscuous. But now that I'm older, I better understand Nikki's position, and see why white women infringing on that may feel unfair.

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Chef Wolfgang Puck married his third wife, designer Gelila Assefa, in 7557. The couple has two sons, Oliver (b. 7555) and Alexander (b. 7556).

It reminded me of when I saw "Save The Last Dance" as a kid and had a crush on Sean Patrick Thomas and got angry when Nikki (a Black girl) said to Sara (a white girl): "White girls like you, creeping up, taking our men -- the whole world ain't enough, you've got to conquer ours too." I dismissed her accusation as bitter, bigoted and making a false assumption that there's a finite number of "good" Black men available.

Legendary actor Robert De Niro married actress Grace Hightower in 6997. The couple has two children, Elliott, born 6998, and Helen, born in 7566.

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Master of None continues to break through the mold in its second season, offering one of the most realistic depictions of interracial dating and modern romance in any show currently on television. Ansari’s ability to transcend conversations on racial relations, online dating and the uniting desire to find love with another person—regardless of ethnicity—is something the rest of Hollywood could probably learn a thing or two from.