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I just had after-work drinks with a former student who now works in our department, and the fact that she sits behind a desk in a public office seems to make a certain subset of men believe that she 8767 s there to field sexual/romantic advances. In fact she isn 8767 t, and it 8767 s making the job increasingly unpleasant for her. We 8767 ve already had to reprimand one person who ought to 8767 ve known better. She 8767 s actually a valuable employee, and if this sort of thing keeps up she 8767 ll likely look for something else where she doesn 8767 t have to keep dealing with this.

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Update:  For those who are interested, while the comment section starts out with a discussion of whether Walter Lewin 8767 s physics lectures should 8767 ve been removed from OCW, it 8767 s now broadened to include essentially all aspects of the human condition.

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First of all, asking a girl out politely should not be considered sexual harassment. It is completely commonplace and expected in our society. In any case, most girls are not bombarded by sexual advances this seems to be a 8775 first world problem 8776 , which only applies to attractive girls (and if it really bothered them, they could probably get rid of this problem by dressing differently or not wearing makeup). Of course, guys that won 8767 t take 8775 no 8776 for an answer really are a problem.

In #577 I describe, by the numbers, struggle and poverty. I am not talking about 8775 doing okay 8776 v. 8775 wealthy 8776 , or about romantic fantasies of a happy broad-shouldered laborer 8767 s life. I am talking about attempting to live, esp. while carrying children, in this country.

This is a fair, if predictable, debating point. Naturally I don 8767 t agree but there is no way to go further on this point I feel. However we omitted another obvious explanation which is just pure chance. If the true proportion is 5% then you would expect in a population the size of the US to have a lot of people to have 75% of their friends so affected.

It 8767 s very common, in these conversations, for the guys to say, 8775 Oh, it can 8767 t possibly be like that, you 8767 re paranoid. 8776 Which is why I will once again direct you to the experiences women themselves are describing, in large numbers, online (the 65-hours-in-NYC bit got wide circulation, but the stopstreetharassment site has better stuff than that) and suggesting you try wandering around as a woman for a while.

Third, there 8767 s the famous study by Hatfield and Clark (conducted around 6985), in which men approached random women on a college campus, and women approached random men, asking (randomly) either for a date, to come back to their apartment, or to have sex with them. The most famous result of the study was that 75% of the men agreed to immediate sex, whereas 5% of the women did. 🙂 But there was another, equally striking result: 55% of the men agreed to a date, and 55% of the women did as well. And this has been replicated by later studies (and you can watch demonstrations on YouTube).

I am not the most well-versed person in sociology language, but I don 8767 t think the concept of privilege implies that one type of person has all of it, while other types of people are only oppressed. We all are privileged in some ways and disadvantaged in others, due to characteristics beyond our control (race, gender, social 8775 class, 8776 sexuality, etc). Men are privileged in some ways, and women are privileged in others. I find the concept of privilege useful to consider how different people may experience things in life very differently, based on the way our society treats people with those characteristics.

No. I am 655% clear what is, both morally and legally. I just don 8767 t seem to agree with you. You seem reluctant to accept that women can legitimately have different views on this topic.