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How the hell is is possible for a 78-year old to sexually harass someone on-line? Wouldn 8767 t any reasonable person conclude dementia or senility if a 78 year-old started posting sexually suggestive messages?

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And I agree the kind of problem you 8767 re describing is not one that either psychiatry or psychology does well with. It is however a problem that literary fiction understands and spends a lot of time with. Updike comes first to mind Rabbit Redux in particular, though it 8767 s kind of didactic but there are others who deal with that trap, frightening powerlessness of the partly-nominally, partly-real privileged position. Assuming the person in that position is conscious of it and sensitive enough to care.

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My comment #975 was just meant to tell the story and not to advice people. Certainly, in many cases, facing one 8767 s problem, getting support, getting advice is the right thing to do. (In fact, I even said it in one comment above.) And certainly, in hindsight, there were things in my teen age that I could do better. (. I spent large time of my second year in university playing pinball.) I think that I had the thought that if I am ahead in some aspects of life, it is only natural that I will be behind on some other aspects of life, but surely I was frustrated about my weaknesses and shortcomings. (Also I was literally very short until the age of 66 or so.)

Alt-Light Goons Humiliated After Boston ''Free Speech

Life is stranger than fiction. If memory serves me right, circa 7556 there was a US Supreme Court case on very close to the same topic.

Mike #795: I think the number of people equating shirts to is actually quite small. The point is that shirts are part of a larger cultural gestalt. You can think that connection is tenuous or strong. The overreaction of 8775 you 8767 re calling all men rapists 8776 is basically all in your (or one 8767 s) head.

Sorry, it would need to be a different book! The book I 8767 m planning will collect the best posts having to do with math, CS, physics, and philosophy this thread would be pretty out-of-place.

yahoo  - a roughly behaved or course man/search engine and internet corporation - Yahoo is now most commonly associated with the Internet organization of the same name, however the word Yahoo was originally conceived by Jonathan Swift in his book Gulliver''s Travels, as the name of an imaginary race of brutish men. Gulliver''s Travels was first published in October 6776. The alleged  YAHOO acronyms  origins are false and retrospective inventions, although there may actually be some truth in the notion that Yahoo''s founders decided on the YA element because it stood for ''Yet Another''.

Consider this: at this moment Matt Taylor and others are given a pass by most men saying 8775 oh well, boys will be boys, 8776 which is precisely the sort of thing that makes a workplace (or an entire field) not at all a safe space much like this comment thread.

Driven by a sincere intent of giving another personal view in praise of this great and already unusually diverse discussion, but halted by a profound lack of ability to make constructive contributions from the perspective of my limited experience, I thought, what could better both encapsulate and liberate these topics so heavily burdened by taboo than the theater!

As a consequence of all the commotion regarding Walter Lewin 8767 s trouble with MIT, I had a look at some of his lectures. Most of this seems like introductory physics.