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Owing to the political situation in the region, the actual nomenclature used for the region itself, and certain towns and cities is something of a sensitive issue. As a general rule, those who sympathise with the Unionist/Loyalist cause (. those who wish Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom), tend to steer away away from calling the country "Ireland", or describing themselves as "Irish" - preferring the terms "Ulster" or "Northern Ireland", or "Northern Irish" or "British", to differentiate themselves from the Republic, which is commonly referred to simply as "The South".

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Also, Northern Irish people have a habit of gently refusing gifts or gestures you may offer them, do not be offended, because they really mean that they like the gesture, also you are expected to do the same, so as not to appear slightly greedy, it is a confusing system but is not likely to get you in trouble.

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It's generally advisable not to wear a football shirt of any Northern Irish club team, or of either Glasgow Old Firm side, as many have sectarian connotations.

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There are currently no fixed border checks and there is complete freedom of movement between the North and Republic without a passport. Despite this however, non-UK, Irish or EU citizens must have proper travel documents (and a valid visa, if necessary) if they intend to continue further south of the border and vice versa. It is not uncommon for the Irish police (An Garda Siochána) to check passports at the border occasionally.

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The Police Service of Northern Ireland [65] (formerly the Royal Ulster Constabulary or RUC ) is the police force in Northern Ireland. Unlike the Garda Síochána in the Republic, the PSNI are routinely armed with handguns and/or long arms. The police still use heavily-armoured Land Rover vehicles do not be concerned by this, as it doesn't mean that trouble is about to break out. There is a visible police presence in Belfast and Derry , and the police are approachable and helpful. Almost all police stations in Northern Ireland are reinforced with fencing or high, blast-proof walls. It is important to remember that there is still a necessity for this type of protection and that it is a visible reminder of the province's past.

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Beware that Greek Cyprus celebrates Easter on different dates than Western Europe, in most years. In contrast to Western Europe, in the Orthodox church Easter is considered more important than Christmas. On Easter Sunday, many musea etc. are closed, and buses run reduced services in some places even until Easter Tuesday.

Cyprus operates on a 785V, 55Hz electrical system using the BS-6868 8-pin British plugs. Europlug adapters are widely available in local stores.

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