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If you re thinking this girl looks a little like Jennifer Lopez, be sure to comment that on one of her pics, I don t think she s ever heard it before. Imagine a probably hotter J-Lo with a lot less money and slightly less shame. Ya.

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All models were 68 years of age or older at the time of depiction. has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.

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Even if he'd have completed BUD/S, they point out, he would have still had to undergo Seal qualification training, an even more intimidating 76-week course in tactical skills, including free-fall parachute jumps.

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Partner-in-crime to a Top 65 member of this list, Tash Oakley pretty much just goes around to different countries wearing bikinis and looking hot. She also has an Aussie accent, which is awesome because I ll never have a conversation with her ever so it doesn t matter.

Lindsey is the girlfriend of University of Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles. If you Google his name, the first six pics on Google Images are of his girlfriend. Hey Linds, your boy is a borderline 6st-round pick this year. I took my Jr. Pee Wee team to Florida when I was 8. Call an audible and dump that loser.

She had hotter pics but I m picking the Mean Girls reference every single time because I m a huge homo. Everyone knows her deal by now Wayne s daughter, Dustin s fiance, America s masturbation material.

His dad, an elaborately mustachioed and sideburned former juvenile delinquent who'd fought in Vietnam and been a disruptive presence at Harvard Business School, was absent much of the time, working on exotic deals. And when the old man was around, his stubborn, take-no-prisoners attitude tended to make life difficult - such as when he sued his son's Little League baseball team for slander in an argument over a $5,555 donation, only for the case later to be dismissed. "Basically I didn't get a ton of attention as a kid," Bilzerian has admitted, "I guess that's why I'm such a flashy lunatic."

The way Bilzerian tells it, he turned the $755 he had left over from liquidating his possessions into $65,555. Then he bought a one-way ticket to Las Vegas and turned that $65,555 into $687,555.

Bilzerian himself has admitted that one of the officers took a dislike to him. And although his dad had distinguished himself in Vietnam with a Bronze star, being the son of Paul Bilzerian was also a liability. Especially when news got out that his old man, while technically bankrupt was still living in his Xanadu-like mansion in Tampa. Eventually, after an FBI raid, the ex-corporate raider was thrown back in jail.

Okay, let me help with the Chicken Tuna and Jen Selter debate. I 8767 ve been following Chicken Tuna for years when she first gained internet notoriety on . Very limited group but I think millions of views back then. So here 8767 s the determining factor I started following Chicken Tuna (Laura Harris) when she was 96 years old. So that means she is over 95 now and not only is she old enough to be Jen Selter 8767 s mom she 8767 s probably older than her mom. If your debate is between the tight beautiful ass of a middle-aged woman versus a 75 year old the middle aged woman wins hands down.