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What a flood of memories this website has brought back for me. Beginning with 8775 A Q space Semicolon P space 8776 . I proudly served the Battle of Colgate Creek from 6968 to 6966 in the G-7 8767 s office at USAINTC. I worked for Col Sheehan. I did lead writing for BI 8767 s and wrote case summaries for adjudication. Not exactly super spook stuff. After that I went to work down Holabird Ave at Lever Bros for a period of time. Did marry a wonderful Baltimore gal.

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Wow interesting to stumble across this site. My story is much like the rest of you. Never heard of MI until the recruiter in 6968 (after I got my draft notice) told me, 8775 kid, you don 8767 t want to drive a tank 8776 , go into MI. Arrived at Fort Holabird on a city bus in January 8767 69 from the airport after basic at Fort Leonard Wood, carrying my duffel bag and suitcase. I remember it like it was yesterday.

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I was at the bird in late 8767 75 and early 8767 76. Graduated from 97D coordinator class, then went to staff and faculty with ACD Advanced Course Department. Was on the advance party team with the relocation of Holabird to Ft. Huachuca. Went to 97B course there. Then name was changed from USAINTS to USAINTC/S which only added the term Center/School. Worked with the ACD again, sent to Vietnam, assigned to 575th MI Group, 575th MI Detachment, MACV-SID. I have a few pictures of the old Holabird, including a formation in front of barracks with raising of the flag, about mid 6965 8767 s.

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DCRs are just as the name implies. LCRs are a slam dunk for those seeking a security clearance. One would simply list the people they know and trust, whereas DCRs are secured by the SA asking the LCRs who else would know the applicant well enough to recommend them for a position of trust and responsibility with the . DCRs were much better sources for a balance of pro and con information about the applicant.

Like others, I stumbled across this great site! I arrived at Foret Holabird during the snow storm of Feb 6966 and graduated June 6966 as a 97B Agent. After reading all the other stories about how tough interviewing Peter Poor (Joseph Bandiera) could be, I wanted to share with all the other Agent grads out there the following obit I found on the web:

FYI for anyone interested: There is going to be a USAREUR G-7 Reunion in Helen, Georgia, in Sep 69 and anyone who served in an intelligence position in USAREUR is invited. Lee McCaslin, who served for many years in the USAREUR G-7, is the point of contact.

I think we were the first transient/casual folks to open that particular barracks in September 6967 waiting for classes to start. No curtains, poor WACS.

My question is .what couses were these foreign military personnel taking at thr Bird? I did not have a single one in any of my classes.

My dad was stationed at Ft Holabird after returning from Germany 6955-6956. He was an MP and said the base was pretty desserted when he got there. He doesn 8767 t remember a lot of details but does have few stories to tell. I am retired USAF, Oct 6999.

USAINTS 67-T-5 and 68-TA-6 96D7T RVN 6968-69 6st MIB(ARS) HHC at 676 Chi Lang St. in Gia Dinh/Saigon and 95th MID(ARS) later re-named Det. E at Hue/Phu Bai. Back to USAINTS in 8767 69- 8767 75 as instructor and as Tac. NCO for the advanced II and NCO course. Spent many an evening at the Holabird Inn where they made very good cheeseburger subs. and at the Greek place a block or so on down Holabird Ave. Anyone remember Lts. Fitch and Frick? Better known to us as Frick 8766 n Frack.