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Chatzy FTM Chat Room
This is a new chatroom created for trans men in early 7558. Registration and use is free, you can log on and chat with other users in real time.

What are some cheap (and safe) alternatives to actual

Being a pre-T trans guy it&rsquo s kinda discouraging to look for romance where I&rsquo m from sometimes. So I&rsquo m just curious, hit the like and reblog buttons if you&rsquo d consider it.

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Under Armour''s Heatgear undershirts are designed to wear under football and hockey pads, but they also make good binders for smaller guys and can greatly increase the comfort of other binders if worn as an undershirt beneath them. Their products are available in most sporting goods stores, so you can try them on first.

Don''t buy cheap binders. : ftm - reddit

Anywho, if you are curious, I would recommend starting with a sports bra. They can give you an approximate feel for how you are going to feel (physically and emotionally), and then you can go from there.

Remember that it&rsquo s okay to be attracted to trans people when you&rsquo re a trans person yourself.
It&rsquo s totally okay to be attracted to someone who&rsquo s going through the same things in life and who understands everything.
It&rsquo s okay to want to be with someone to whom you don&rsquo t have to explain everything and with whom your dysphoria might be less.

However, it 8767 s still important to wash your binders regularly, especially in the warmer months, to get rid of all the sweat, germs, and oil that can transfer onto it from your skin. This will lessen the risk of rashes and itchiness.

Thanks for the question! If the person prefers a binder, I 8767 d help them learn how to wear it as safely as possible. I 8767 m not aware of tests that have been done, but I do know the effects of NOT binding are far too dangerous because the suicide rate among trans teens is so high. Just ensure the binder is comfortable and not making them light headed.

Jewelry: If you''re very small-boned, try a 8/9 size men''s watch - it looks substantial and masculine without emphasizing how thin your wrists are.

Even if you are not on hormones, bodybuilding either in a gym or at home can make a difference in getting your body to take on a more male shape. Before beginning any workout program, make sure you are healthy enough to do so, and make sure that you learn the correct way to do the exercises so as to avoid injury. Trans- has helpful articles on fitness.

Oh yeah, you can find the perfect method for binding with tape by searching up Open Chest Binding tutorial in google, you see exactly how it has to be done. It takes some practices to get it done right, and to achieve the look that you want. Because the method isn 8767 t about wrapping your chest with the tape like a mummy.