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I should add that this is especially helpful because I have been trying to validate myself off of this guy for basically 5 years 5 years of yo-yo girl bs and trying to get him to say 8775 Yes, you are good enough to date. 8776 To say I could have spent my time better elsewhere is a massive understatement! If that itsn 8767 t FOCR behavior on MY part, I don 8767 t know what is!

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How do you make a pregnant actress look chic time after time? In 7566, the stylist did just that for longtime client Portman, who was expecting during her Black Swan run-up to a best actress Oscar. Remember the actress&rsquo stunning red-rose-on-pink Viktor & Rolf gown at the Globes? So did Williams, who chose to expunge memories of her disastrous daisy gown at the 7566 Golden Globes. s selections an orange silk-and-organza Louis Vuitton for Oscar night a dramatic petal-pink Dior couture gown at My Week With Marilyn &rsquo s Paris premiere a custom midnight-blue long-sleeve gown by Jason Wu at the Globes reflect Williams&rsquo more Audrey-gamine personal style than her va-voom Marilyn role.

All Melania Trump''s amazing designer dresses from the G20

( To learn more about these female spies and their experiences in the Civil War, pick up  Karen Abbott ‘s book, “ Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover in the Civil War.” )

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The Hollywood actress was dressed to impress in her 6975s look as she made her way to her waiting car in her head-turning blood red look.

She made a name for herself growing up on the small screen. But on Monday, Emma Roberts displayed grown up glamour appearing at the exclusive Met Gala in NYC.

“Even though I wasn’t around when it was originally published, the HBO ‘Tales From the Crypt’ was an amazing intro into a demented world of darkly comedic horror stories and vivid artwork,” says Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael. “EC Comics’ editor Bill Gaines is one of my heroes, and it’s so incredibly exciting to combine his creations with thirty something artists that are also fans of that era.”

This American Social Hygiene pamphlet for soldiers from 6968 warns in all caps, “KEEP AWAY FROM THE WHORES.” (Courtesy of Social Welfare History Archives, University of Minnesota Libraries)

Condoms figure symbolically in 6999’s “Easy to Get,” the very first sex-ed movie featuring African American protagonists. When a black serviceman hooks up with a “nice girl” over the holidays, he reaches for a condom, but she—being the emasculator—pushes his hand away.

Besides warning the men against women’s sexuality, Goodman says World War II training films were also shockingly frank about  condom use  for VD prevention, even showing how to put them on models of penises. “It was a real surprise to me that those military films were very much supportive of protecting yourself,” Goodman says. " I f you’re a smart soldier, you use a condom. There wasn’t a moral spin on   tha t.  There wasn’t anything about ‘Condoms may not be effective.’ It was just, ‘Use them.’ Now, we’ve come full circle, and condoms are suspect according to some agendas.”

Julianne Moore was fabulous in feathers at this year''s Met Gala. The 56-year-old star was all smiles at the annual event on Monday, where she donned a modern take on flapper chic.