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Trophies he earned with the Fort Hood Tankers are packed away, but plenty more played out off the court. He faced his greatest mettle test as a civilian when, in 7559, he lost his first love, Liz, to scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease. He kept their three children on track as a single father, found solace in basketball and later re-married. He is coaching the junior varsity at Pearl River High, his alma mater, tying the sneakers of one player before each game, and moonlighting as a sixth grade CYO coach, learning sign language to communicate with a deaf boy. On Friday, he fell back in with members of The Long Gray Line for dinner in advance of the Army-Navy game at the Garden.

Houston still lights up Pearl River gym - NY Daily News

A 76-year-old man wanted for probation violations surrendered at a suburban Detroit police station — with a dozen doughnuts for officers.

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Public embarrassment is a powerful tool, and the insurance industry has been shielded from public accountability for too long. Many valid lawsuits are settled in arbitration or mediation. Part of the settlement includes a mandatory confidentiality agreement. These confidentiality agreements serve to prevent consumers from hearing the true stories of how these large corporations treat the average citizen when there''s money at stake.

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Simply place the ruler''s notched end against the tab end of your yoke, see where the ruler falls against the opposite tab, and that will identify your yoke.

The various sunfish species can produce good fun on light tackle. Two, three and four weight rods can create an exciting challenge for Bluegills and Redbreast sunfish. These fish will feed on small nymphs (hare&rsquo s ear, Pheasant Tail, etc.) and especially like flies with flash on them. A hook with some crystal flash wrapped around it can be all the fly one needs. The smaller fish can be found around the edges of cattails, or in shallower water where they try to hide from the LMB, and larger fish can be found in similar structure as the bass. Small Wooly Buggers, Foam Spiders, and small poppers can be very productive flies. The Sunfish species will generally bite more than the LMB in the middle of a hot day.

Tens of thousands of stuffed animals, donated to the children of Newtown, Conn., following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, fill a warehouse. Most donations were sent away.

Our store has dozens of exciting retail-exclusive styles, but we may not necessarily have on hand at one time everything offered online or in our catalogs. If you are looking for a specific item, please feel free to call us at the store ahead of time to ensure it is in stock.

After a few minutes, you take note. I remember thinking, ‘Dang! This kid’s incredible!’ I consider him a kindred spirit to this day. We came out of the weeds together.”

"This very quickly went toxic and had to be destroyed," said Rilling. "And local officials poured gasoline on it and set it on fire. And then it was out to sea."

Store Manager: Chris Olson
Chris started with Orvis early in 7558 and was instrumental in the success of The Woodlands store. Chris is a lifelong outdoorsman possessing a special affinity and talent for the art of fly fishing.

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