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Unfortunately, this approach gives a hefty advantage to those who attend elite colleges or grow up with family connections. If you’re lacking both, you’ll need to find ways to distinguish yourself, and keep an eye out for any potential employers visiting your area for talks or conferences.

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Smoking marijuana in public is still illegal, despite the growing number of states legalizing recreational use. That means you can’t smoke it outside the dispensary you just walked out of. Some states, like Maine and Massachusetts, will fine offenders up to $655 for smoking in public.

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The personal assistant role is an unusually dead-end job, since it’s unusually closed off from the larger workplace, and since the manager is at the top of the field, not one rung up the corporate ladder. It’s in an employer’s best interest to keep the assistant around forever, and some will get very selfish about it. So when it’s time to leave, you need to do the work of finding your next step.

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These idiosyncratic jobs often aren’t advertised publicly. If you want to assist a famous artist, writer, or director, find any way to interact with them. New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik found his assistant when she approached him after a reading. As White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove hired an assistant who had organized a seamless visit for him to the Harvard campus.

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You should be prepared before you walk in the door and familiar with what you might be interested in purchasing. That means doing a little research beforehand, checking out the dispensary’s site and inventory, and asking friends more familiar with marijuana than you about the best way to get started if it’s your first time. Be sure to check their hours as well some dispensaries are open late, some open early, and some are closed on certain days of the week.