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You can also choose to whitelist certain apps, so important things that you need to be able to access won&rsquo t kill your tree, and if you spend $/77p on an in-app purchase you even unlock the ability to use the coins you earn on planting real trees around the world.

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Given that mobile phones are more ubiquitous than Game Boys ever were, Puzzle & Dragons could very well be the Pokemon of this generation (at least until the Western release of Yo-Kai Watch ). P& D uses a similar premise that has you capturing, leveling, and eventually evolving any of the wildly diverse creatures you encounter, hopeful to attain one of the ridiculously rare monsters from a pool of thousands. But it's the addictive match-three gameplay that'll really suck you in though it initially appears to function like Bejeweled, there's a wealth of complex tactics for pushing tiles around the board to line up absurd combos. When you finally grasp the technique, each turn makes you feel like you're orchestrating a glorious symphony of colored orbs.

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Need a hotel tonight? Try Hotel Tonight. This app helps you find and book hand-selected hotels at great prices at the last-minute for deep discounts. You can snatch up vacant rooms that would otherwise go unused, creating a win/win for both you and the hotel. [ Download Hotel Tonight ]

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For $/£ you can get the GrammarPal Pro upgrade, which lets you backup and restore your dictionary, undo changes and further personalize the app, but the free version has all the core features.

It also blocks ad trackers, analytic trackers and social trackers by default, though you can unblock them if you&rsquo d prefer &ndash and also block other content trackers if you want (at the risk of breaking some videos and web pages).

The app has lessons for dozens of languages, including some missing from Duolingo, such as Japanese, and there's a range of different content, designed to help you read, write and speak your language of choice.

I would vote for Keepass as the best PW manager. It also uses dropbox for sync purposes and it's free. Roboform is almost a tie with Keepass however.

Transit directions, live traffic updates, voice-guided GPS navigation, Street View and more are all included, making this more feature-packed than even most paid options. Importantly it's detailed and accurate too, with information on millions of places, so you'll never be late or get lost again.

And avoiding distraction, rather than weaning you off your smartphone entirely, is the point of the app, so you can set a tree growing when you want to get some work done or watch a film.

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG: WHO SINGS IT? You&rsquo ve heard that before, right? Us too. The easiest way to quickly identify a song that&rsquo s playing, save it, share it, download it, and do anything else you want to do with it is Shazam. The app started as a simple song identification app but has grown into much more. One of the best features is a list of trending songs that are being Shazam&rsquo d, which has a propensity for pulling up interesting and lesser known options for you to try for yourself. [ Download Shazam ]

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