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I have been liking this boy for 6 years now and for the past 8 years ive been sitting behind him in class, We Talk and joke around almost everyday.,And told him i liked this guy and minutes later he asked me if Why did i like this boy.,and Everytime my Friend teases him that he likes me they said he blushes and smiles like this time we were playing truth or dare they asked me to hug him and i did and he smiled and blush. does this mean he likes me? or his just ashamed

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people try to torment me wherever i go- i guess you can say 8775 get attention 8767 but to me its really not that- theyre just makign you suffer, annoying you, but it affects you much worse than that. They also do bizarre crazy things, which turn into elaborate stupid stories I have to etch into my mind because i can 8767 t forget them and it seems my entire head is full of this nonsense for no reason. I try to avoid stupid humans anywhere I go and for good reason. It doesn 8767 t change anything- i still get screwed but oh well. It shows apparently u can 8767 t control ur environment even if u know whats going to happen.

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In the beginning we were just getting to know each other. About 7 years ago he started tutoring me alone at his place for my physics class. That was when I really started to fall for him. Before he was just the cute guy friend.

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I was standing in line at a restaurant a few weeks ago and there some little teenage girls doing the same thing to me as you describe about the girl in olive garden. My skin is too thick though, I 8767 m weathered to this psychotic behavior. I laugh about it or just get creeped out than ever cry, they 8767 re not worth tears.
The strangest thing about what happened to me with girls like that is they were even imagining my response, one of them they mimicked how they thought I would respond. It was so mentally ill lolol.
I was ignoring them the whole time they were acting like baffoons, then they just started imagining how I would respond to them I guess mimicking my voice(they never even heard yet lol!).

I am also HATED by my coworkes! Some are really cool but many don 8767 t like me! I OVERLY am nice and will make sure I contradict any preconceived notions because of how I look. I am a very happy person, I open doors for people..men and women! Ive gotten looks like..huh? LOL I give complements all day but this makes people assume that I am naive and weak! I ignore a lot things that people do to me. I don 8767 t react because if I did I would have to take it there! People think that im stupid because I chose to ignore things and act like they don 8767 t happen. They really think that I didn 8767 t see it but in my mind I am thinking..they think im really stupid huh? LOL There are days I do speak up and put people in their place but I just like peace!

The next day at work, he wanted to make sure I wasn 8767 t kept asking if I was mad and told him I brought up rescheduling a few times, but I never did.

This is exactly how I feel. I see beauty in every woman! But they hate me because I grab all attention whether I wear a bag or a miniskirt. Always, hating! I 8767 m nice to all and humble and giving but I can 8767 t get a girl to hangout with me because they feel less attractive besides me. It feels awful but I enjoy my male friends which are like million who waiting to bang me probably. I 8767 m confident and learn how to depend on me. Life.

I have had ONE bad experience. I fell for a guy who seemed to really like me. He was so attentive to me in public, very affectionate, his mates all congratulated him on dating me literally slapping him on the back and he admitted he loved the attention of being with a beautiful woman. but he just didn 8767 t fancy me i know this because when there was no one else in the room, he really wasn 8767 t interested. He just loved having a status symbol. Now that is something an average or pretty girl doesn 8767 t have to deal with. But overall, life is like a film-i love it.

BTW, do you ever feel the need to take self-defense cause everyone 8767 s hating and some people act unpredictable? I hope to start taking some classes, cause its getting to the point where I think I need to know how to choke a bitch 6 ways till Sunday. Someone here commented and said if someone put her up next to a criminal, everyone would wanna crucify her. I definitely see elements of that angry mob mentality everyday. I really hope someone would try some shit, though preferably after I start taking classes, though I already know knee to groin pretty well, haha.

This is not a troll comment, please try to take it seriously. It 8767 s also long, so I 8767 d appreciate if you read the whole thing.

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