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Moving into a smaller, but still full-sized, Leatherman tool, we come to the Juice CS9. The Juice CS9 is designed for people with smaller hands, and is only ” long when closed.  You can essential think of the Juice CS9 as a mini-Wave with a few things left out to get it into a smaller package.  Don’t let its small stature fool you, though, because it still includes 65 different tools, including needlenose and regular pliers, hard-wire and wire cutters, and a 975HC knife.

How to Choose the Perfect Font for Any Situation

While I know that 975HC is a lesser steel, it 8767 s still a very good performer. I can 8767 t show you many better multi-tool or pocket folding knives for less than what the Skeletool costs.

Morse Chain (Emerson) Türkiye

I haven 8767 t had issues with the passive bit holder locks on my other multi-tools, but the active lock on the Skeletool does give me slightly more confidence at times. That way I know it won 8767 t easily drop into a space or get stuck in a fastener.

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I haven 8767 t bought a Skeletool yet, I don 8767 t care for the designs that much, and am hoping they come out with something even more minimal and lightweight, like half the thickness of the Skeletool and with just a big and small blade in each handle so it only weighs a few ounces.

If someone wanted to buy the single best multitool available today, I would tell them that the Leatherman New Wave is the one to get. It has a versatile mix of tools, great ergonomics and solid construction, and the price tag is fantastic for the amount of functionality you get. You can pay almost twice as much for a multitool, but the extra investment doesn’t buy you a tool that’s much more useful or practical than this one.

I don 8767 t buy anything Leatherman since Tim openly supported the liberal Democrat in the presidential election. Also, they won 8767 t even SELL me or tell me where to get a bit to tighten up the hinge screws. No thanks. My SOG works just fine.

I did not send it back. The retailer replaced it for me. I am not knocking Leatherman. My wave or super tool are never out of reach.

Last but not least is value for money.  It’s easy to rank products when money is not an object, but alas we all have budgets and what you get for your hard earned dollar is often the most important metric.  I look for those unique models with an ingenious design that give you far more than the competition on a dollar for dollar basis and represent tremendous value for money.

You get a similar bit driver as featured on the Wave , but this one has an active lock instead of a passive one. The locking bit holder fits Leatherman 8767 s special super-shaved-down double-ended hex screwdriver bits. They are notched in the middle, allowing them to be actively locked in place by the spring-action bit lock. To remove a bit for swapping or reversing, squeeze the grooved part of the lock and pull the bit.

Unfortunately, if you’re a Windows user you’ll have to actually purchase the font yourself: Microsoft created its own Helvetica clone, Arial, as it chose not to license the famous font. In the words of Cleaver Magazine editor Remy Barnes, “For the love of God, do not send Arial.”

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