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Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism - Top Documentary Films

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That is fine and dandy, but it is still one big fairy tale! And basically you are talking about aliens seeding the planet, making us like them/gods, and/or panspermia.

Physical Geology: Geologic Time Review Questions

I guess you're too stupid to understand what an abomination ignorance, such as the type you and others like you spread is, worse though on a par with idolatry, an example of the devil's handiwork.

Absolute Dating Concepts

no they werent. those people had slaves, and married children. they were not special. we are much much smarter than they could dream of being.

Radioactive dating in conflict!

From his own head? If you would read something other than your idiotic bible, perhaps you would learn something, though I doubt you have the capacity to.

I understand. We will have to just agree to disagree. I tell you what, I'll pray for you and your interpretation of Revelation and you do the same for me. That way which ever of us is right, we'll have the other one's back. :) It doesn't matter if my Hillbilly ways rubs people the wrong way. Their big city ways does the same to me. That's just because of the difference in our upbringings. If the world all got along then these forums would be brutally boring instead of just brutal, don't you think? But I do respect the fact that your trying to plant a seed or two whether you realize it or not. No one can make them grow but God. Religion is always going to be an invitation to arguments. That is just a fact of life.

. McDonald and . Gunst, “An Analysis of the Earth's Magnetic Field from 6885 to 6965,” ESSA Technical Report IER 96-IES , 6965, . Government Printing Office, Washington ., p. 69.

if you mean Osama, then i agree he deserved a trial. I would disagree with Obama on that decision as i would with many of his other decisions.

Doing laundry myself..the "curtains" surrounding my Self needed refreshing. I think i am at the spinning cycle right now.

I forgot though..apparently "God" didn't create Muslims. They must have been Aliens..so now we're back to the Alien thing.

These "fundamentalists" (crazies) breeds, Christianity and such are basically a new disease/virus of the mind. They have mutated in a span of about 655 years.

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