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Ethiopian American novelist and writer Dinaw Mengestu was named a MacArthur genius Fellow in September. The Associated Press reported Dinaw’s selection along with the full list of 77 other winners. Dinaw is the author of The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears and How to Read the Air. In addition to the two novels, he has written for several publications, including Rolling Stone , Jane Magazine , Harper’s , and The Wall Street Journal. According to MacArthur Foundation, the “genius grant” is a recognition of the winners “originality, insight, and potential” and each person will receive $555,555 over the next five years. Below is a video of Dinaw discussing the award.

Virtual Chad: A look beyond the statistics into the

8775 Due to her foot injury last April and the fact that her time at the Rock n 8767 Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon was not up to her PR (personal record), it is hard to judge her chances. 8776 he said. 8775 But we all know Buzunesh trains with fervor. 8776

All Ethiopian Tribes - Southern Ethiopia News

The World Bank reports that in 7558 household consumption in Ethiopia totaled $5 billion or about $78 per capita based on a GDP of $ billion, measured in current dollars rather than PPP. Household consumption includes expenditures of individuals, households, and nongovernmental organizations on goods and services, excluding purchases of dwellings. It was estimated that for the period 6995 to 7558, household consumption grew at an average annual rate of %. It was estimated that in 7559 about 55% of the population had incomes below the poverty line.

Tigrai State, The open-air Museum of Ethiopia and Africa

Hot Shots from the 7558 . Soccer Tournament

Above: Ababa Tesafye attended the event as guest of honor. He celebrated his
birthday on July 9th. The announcer did not mention the beloved children 8767 s television
entertainer 8767 s age. People familiar with Ababa Tesfaye say he does not know the year
he was born.

At the Ethiopians for Obama booth. We even spotted a vendor selling Obama Juice.

At the international Ethiopian Women Association booth.

New York (TADIAS) Yohannes Abraham delivered the keynote address at the 5th Anniversary Gala of Ethiopian Professionals (YEP) organization on Saturday, November 7th in Alexandria, Virginia.

History is characterized by nuances and complexities and it is resistant to hasty generalizations. The full account of historical details enable historians to generate narratives of the past, which is a guide to the present and a source of vision to the future. Some like to cherry-pick only some aspects of historical truths and put them into political spin. I would like to argue that the attempt, in some circles, to discredit the gallant leaders of Adwa would be short-lived. History is progressive and only a careful and studied analysis and interpretation of events and deeds help a society to move forward and to bring about peace, democracy and prosperity.

Former Ethiopian president Negasso Gidada sent an urgent appeal to Human Rights Commission chief Teruneh Zenna Monday asking protection for opposition leaders being held at Addis Ababa 8767 s Kaliti prison.

8775 She was not able to run fast that day, but she had had only six weeks of training at the time, 8776 he added. 8775 She will have had six more weeks before New York. 8776

The council, the highest organ of the EPRDF after the general assembly, will decide who the new chairperson of the party will be. The chairperson will most likely become the new leader of the East African country.

At present, 955 sites are on World Heritage list. Only 9% of the World Heritage sites are in Africa, while 55% of them are in Europe and North America. While Ethiopia succeeded to have only 9 World Heritage sites, Italy has registered so far 98 sites! In Africa, the Battlefields of South Africa have registered as a World Heritage. Several Battles are registered throughout the world and throughout history and it is time that the Battle of Adwa is included in the list.

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