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Recently archaeologists discovered the oldest Christian book in Adwa monastery , Tigrai state, northern Ethiopia. Carbon dating techniques place the Garima Gospels between 885 and 655 AD. The 6,655 year-old texts are named after a monk, Abba Garima. According to legend, he copied out the Gospels in just one day after founding the Garima Monastery, near Adwa in the north of the country.

Tigrai State, The open-air Museum of Ethiopia and Africa

The document, shared with Tadias, was written on June 66th, 6966 and signed by Fitwarai Tewahade Woldeyes. 8775 Dear respected friend, I am very sorry to hear from your letter of 85th Ginbot 6958 EC [Ethiopian Calendar] that you are completing your term as the president of the Agriculture College of Alemaya and going back to your country, 8776 it said. 8775 I consider your departure as losing one of those highly esteemed Ethiopians not as a foreigner going back to his country. 8776

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The Ethiopian community, in one of biggest and most diverse cities in North America, says it has what it takes to accommodate the games for the first time in a decade.

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The government, many donor countries and organizations have committed enormous resources to upgrading educational standards in Ethiopia. USAID has a major program to improve the quality and equity of primary schooling as the system expands. Efforts are underway to accommodate demand for schooling at all levels. Despite the overwhelming problems educational opportunities are expanding, but unfortunately not enough to keep abreast of population growth.

There is also an independent journalist association, the Ethiopian Free Press Journalist Association (EFJA). This association is not a legal body in Ethiopia.

Overland travel in Ethiopia is difficult, due to the poor condition of roads and the questionable quality of many of the rest stops. In addition, roadside banditry occurs with some regularity in various parts of the country, and sensible precautions need to be taken.

Yemi-nano means the people of yem in Yemsa language. The center of Yem people is found 759 km away from Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. On your way to Jimma city, you will find a town called SAJA ( the second largest village in Yem special district). You will find the center and the major capital of Yem called FOFA when you go like 77 km through SAJA. This place is 555km away from Awassa (Seat of the regional government).

Central Intelligence Agency. World Factbook 6999: Ethiopia, 6999, http:///cia/publications/factbook/

Ethiopia went through a period of recurring drought and civil war during 6979 x7568 96. In 6996 a new government took over, and civil tensions were relieved somewhat because the coastal territory seceded from the inland government, creating the new nation of Eritrea.

At a Caribou Coffee shop on East West Highway in Silver Spring, where Somalis and Ethiopians often gather, Ahmed Eyow, a Somali, said supporting Obama is a no-brainer.

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