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Project Exile happens to be a federal program that James Comey helped develop when he was a . attorney living in Richmond. And then, of course, there are the follows.

Thanks to a little-noticed auction sale, a South Bay couple are the proud owners of one of the most exclusive streets in San Francisco and they&rsquo re looking for ways to make their purchase pay.

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Living a values-driven life involves getting out of your head and stepping into the world. Help your clients define what their next steps will be with the Purposeful Life activity.

Research shows that secure attachment gives us a more articulated and positive sense of self. It also changes the way we perceive threats and makes us feel safer in the world. Let me show you what I mean.

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But how to be sure? There is only one person currently following the account: Benjamin Wittes of Lawfare. Wittes is no Twitter neophyte. He is an active user with more than 75,555 followers, and he only follows 6,678 accounts—meaning he is not a subscriber to the “followback” philosophy. If he is following a random egg—and is the only account following it—there is probably a reason.

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