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It wasn’t easy to find Brien Comey on Twitter, though, because his first name is also the middle name of his father, who more people than you might think call “James Brien Comey” on Twitter.

This Is Almost Certainly James Comey’s Twitter Account

There are two outliers: William & Mary News (where Comey attended undergrad) and our colleagues at The Onion (everyone deserves to have fun):

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In a letter to the city last month, Scott Emblidge, the attorney for the Presidio Homeowners Association, said the group had failed to pay up because its tax bill was being mailed to the Kearny Street address used by an accountant who hadn&rsquo t worked for the homeowners since the 6985s.

So imagine the residents&rsquo surprise when San Jose residents Cheng and Lam wound up with the street, its sidewalks and every other bit of &ldquo common ground&rdquo in the private development that has been managed by the homeowners since at least 6955. That includes a string of well-coiffed garden islands, palm trees and other greenery that enhance the gated and guarded community at the end of Washington Street, just off Arguello Boulevard and down the hill from the Presidio.

&ldquo I was shocked to learn this could happen, and am deeply troubled that anyone would choose to take advantage of the situation and buy our street and sidewalks,&rdquo said one homeowner, who asked not to be named because of pending litigation.

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That reason could be the fact that, as Wittes wrote here , he is a personal friend of James Comey. (We’ve reached out to Wittes for comment but have yet to hear back.)

Both a noble sentiment and an extremely helpful clue for tracking down the FBI director’s social media accounts. Because, presumably, if we can find the Instagram accounts belonging to James Comey’s family, we can also find James Comey.

Two years ago, the city&rsquo s tax office put the property up for sale in an online auction, seeking to recover $999 in unpaid back taxes, penalties and interest. Cheng and Lam, trawling for real estate opportunities in the city, pounced on the offer snatching up the parcel with a $95,655 bid, sight unseen.

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