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She did the right thing. I will not tolerate wasting my time and being given the run around! 9 hours?! I could have styled 7 clients in that time frame. That appointment could have been given to a PAYING customer.

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Absolutely. The mother thought the stylist would have a soft spot because it 8767 s a child. Labor is labor no matter if it 8767 s a child or an adult. As far as pictures being posted, their is no face being shown. I will not be able to identify this child walking down the street by looking at the back of her head. All I see on these pictures is a job well done by the stylist.

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For those that think the child is harmed, remember it is hair and it grows back. The real harm is being done by her mother. The child is learning to scam people. The child is learning to not pay bills. The child is learning how to find a free babysitter. The child is learning how not to love your child. We should feel sorry for the child, not because of the free braiding and haircut, but because she has to live and learn from a deadbeat mother who does not really love her child.

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That could be any black little girl. Its not like her face, her name, or her mother 8767 s name was given out, unlike that of the hair stylist. This would not even be known if people didn 8767 t take it and spread it all over the web. The problem is the trifling mother who left her child all day with a stranger, with out any food options, money, phone, or any resources at all to get home or safety if need be. No one is talking about the fact the the stylist took this little girl home. Everybody just mad the little girl 8767 s braids (weave not her real hair) was cut. That is the lease of this baby 8767 s worries.

Thank you. We dont know the history behind this and bottom line it was theft of services all she did was take the services back. She did the style it would have took her nearly as long to unbraid as it did to braid it so she did the next best thing. Besides that mom is at fault if she intended to pay her the little girl would have had the money in her pocket or someone would have shown I p ro get her and paid. Not the run around the stylist got.

So you would rather the child go through all that than to just take the braids out. — Would you trust the woman who raised this woman?

Not ONLY was this woman attempting to steal a service, she left her child in the care of strangers for 9+ hours than needed, had her get in this woman 8767 s car. The mother was more concerned with stealing the service with knowing who she left her child with. Thank goodness, this was an honest, caring mother herself. This isn 8767 t just a police matter, can someone spell C-P-S?????