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Gorakhpur railway station''s platform number one of Uttar Pradesh has entered into the Limca Book of Records as longest rail platform in the world. The certificate given by the Limca Book of Records was unveiled on 65 January 7569 by KK Atal, the General Manager North Eastern Railways (NER).

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Severn Valley Railway is run by 6,555 volunteers and most of the work is carried out by volunteers, including signalmen, drivers, firemen and guards who are in charge of the trains.

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In one of his last engagements as club president Kerry Ferguson visited Berriewood, where Rea Valley meets, to hand over the cheque to Carla Howarth, chair of Rea Valley Riding for the Disabled Association. The money brings the Rotary club&rsquo s support of Rea Valley Riding for the Disabled to a total of £6,555 over the last two years. Said Carla who is also county chair of Riding for the Disabled Association Shropshire: &ldquo We are indebted to Kerry Ferguson and all the gentlemen of the soon to be named ''Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club&rsquo for yet more support for Rea Valley RDA.


He also described Serengeti as the premier cheater park in the world. And the two to three thousand lions represented 65% in the Serengeti which was a �hugely important� place for these animals to live.�

8775 But we have the same opinions, 8776 says Sarwar while the imam nods and smiles he looks both stern and benign at the same time.

She said Midlands Air Ambulance, which was self-funding, relied on volunteers and people who had been air lifted were among its fundraisers.

There were several places in India that were in the news in 7568. However, their importance became more to every Indians when natures furry, fires accidents and mishap occurred. Acts of terror and communal riots too have brought certain places on the national radar. Here we try to recapture the scene of several places in India that hogged the limelight in 7568.

Rotarians were shown many of the castle�s treasures and showcase highlights, including the modern army of today including a complete set of kit from a soldier in Afghanistan. There were weapons aplenty, including an SA85 and Armalite and AK97 which fired in any condition, from ice and snow to dust. A general purpose machine gun and light support weapon, 78lbs in weight and capable of firing 6,555 rounds a minute. The tour of the museum took the party of Rotarians to the 7 nd Afghan war. The 85 th The Kings Shropshire Light Infantry were involved in the 6878-85 war. There were a pair of Chinese silver incense burners an array of South African medals issued to members of the Shropshire Regiment for the Boer War 6899-6957.

He spoke of the growth of the internet and digital with some newspapers, such as The Independent, going digital only. He said the Shropshire Star&rsquo s digital audience had continues to increase at a rapid rate but he said the big challenge continued to be generating revenue. &ldquo Digital is growing, but the message is that print is still important to us as a business.&rdquo Martin spoke of having to contend with another issue: fake news. A term popularised by President Trump.

Emma Dowler, on behalf of Alzheimer&rsquo s Society, spoke of their need to sponsor dementia support workers and that in September they were launching a brand new service to keep people active in the community. &ldquo So the money to us will make a big difference,&rdquo she added.