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I wonder for Jackman if part of the problem is he s a naturally skinny guy. I saw his one man show and he talked about how much the producers of the Wolverine films were annoyed with him because doing the show meant he was doing so much cardio but not the other training like he normally does that he wasn t putting on weight and they had to wait until the play was over for him to go back to his crazy Wolverine workout schedule. I actually LOVE the real Hugh Jackman SO much more than the jacked one. I love tall and skinny, what can I say. But yeah, I wonder if that s kind of what happens when someone with so little body fat to begin with works that hard to get jacked.

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Also, forgive me if this is an odd question, but do you think it s weird to get wigged out by high heels? I ve seen (and heard, the hearing was the bad part) what happens if you fall wearing heels and I always cringe a bit inside when I see someone wearing them.

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Well, that s what I ve used it for it s not the best filter question, but since the mandatory option is no longer, I tend to answer a few of those similar questions in the hopes of weeding out dudes who hate fat people. The bigger problem seems to be that people will answer yes so that they don t look like a jerk, rather than just being honest. Yeah, a maybe could work in there, too. Either way, it s better than, always which to me is code for I have a fat lady fetish.

Mysteries of the Dodo Revealed Centuries After Sailors Ate

Nice to see an article delving into this issue. It s been coming up a lot in my psych classes, and when I was in junior high/highschool, a lot of news was covering body dysmorphia and eating disorders in women. When I visited the hospital, the teen unit had about 7 girls there for ED, and 6 male. Last time I worked in the area, it was about 55/55 males females.

It is very, very hard to have people take your dating concerns seriously as a non-traditionally-attractive woman if you haven t demonstrated that you ve done everything in your power to fix your un-attractiveness.

A study published today in Scientific Reports analyzed the structure of 77 bones from 77 different dodos ( Raphus cucullatus ) collected from various places on Mauritius. Some of the bones were from juvenile dodos, which curiously contained a lot of tissue known as fibrolamellar bone. Fibrolamellar bone is typically found in rapidly-growing dinosaurs , birds, and mammals, so the researchers suggest dodos grew very quickly until they reached their sexual maturity.

(obligatory #notallwomen yes I KNOW a few don t but the overwhelming majority do so please don t play the but I don t! card)

I don t think it does. As Marty says, when you ve been fed this myth that guys will have sex with anything, you don t feel so flattered if they want to have sex with you.

Yeah, I think the biggest part of it is what media is out there. If you look at the Avengers, as a small subset, there are tons of women who drool over pretty much every one of the male characters: Thor, Cap, and Hawkeye, certainly, but also Loki, Nick Fury, Tony Stark, and Phil Coulson. But if you do a Google image search on them, the spornosexuals are much more likely to have sexy shots by which I don t mean shots that are sexy to me, but shots that anyone would identify as meant to be sexy.

Yes, you can say don t act on that but you can t very well say stop being hungry! Hunger is bad!

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