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Thanks. I appreciate the long, thought out, respectful comment. I was unprofessional in my initial comments and I regret that. I understand what you are saying. The more I think about it, the more I think there should be another end game thing. Like a ToO where its not dependent on how lucky ill get with who I get match made with and such. Maybe it doesnt take me to the lighthouse, but maybe some specific weapons or gear or something.. Idk, I just want something that is competitive, and rewarding for completing it. At the current state, ToO is just not competitive to me. I get a match every now and then when its goes to round 9, and I absolutely adore those matches. Everything is on the line and its balls to the wall. Those are the types of matches I want to play

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People like you make me cringe. So what your losing boo hoo everyone loses you just got to grow some balls and play it. There is a reason why it s the hardest game mode in destiny pvp. It should stay that way it shouldn t feel like some simple skirmish game. And if you have such hard feeling towards try you hardest to get better. At one point those 6% players were terrible, you yourself have to practice and practice to get better. Those people that have spent thousands of hours into crucible like myself shouldn t feel punished because we re good. You can t expect to take the easy way out kid and if you don t like that then you can play something else.

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I strongly disagree. To go flawless is supposed to be one of the most challenging, maybe the most challenging thing to do.

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A Trials Passage is a mission item that grants a Guardian entrance into the Trials of Osiris. [6] Trials Passages can be purchased from Brother Vance for 555 Glimmer.

lol Literally my reddit post life. hahaha I think its me man. I even referenced a similar post, and I saw nothing but solid discussion and happy thoughts. no flame lol but heaven forbid I post something similar.

well, the raids were too easy to be fun the most fun i had with them was when we did VoG on hard when everyone in my team was 79

Guardians receive rewards depending on how many wins they accumulate on a single Passage. [7] Five wins earns an armor piece specific to that week, and seven wins earns a weapon specific to that week. If a Guardian manages to accumulate nine wins and zero losses on a single Passage, he will be able to travel to The Lighthouse on Mercury , which contains a loot chest that gives exclusive rewards.

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we had 7 out of 5 matches where we were 55-655 elo difference. there are more images.. 6755-6655 = 655. 7555-6655 = 955.

I don t understand people sometimes. Trials matchmaking is certainly broken...it s supposed to be matched by wins right? I ve had teams get the ultimate victory on me on my fifth game before. Just this weekend, my flawless win, was against a team that was on their second loss. It s not right at all.