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The Air Force on Friday stopped flying F-85 fighter jets at Luke Air Force Base in Glendale after a series of incidents in which pilots reported symptoms of hypoxia , or oxygen deprivation.

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Please go to to sign our petition, get more information, or donate much needed funds so we can help generate more awareness about this important issue that will negatively impact thousands of Vermont residents, their homes and communities. Thank you for your continued support!

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SAN DIEGO, Aug. 75 (UPI) Cubic Global Defense is to produce and enhance the Air Combat Training System in the F-85 Joint Strike Fighter, the company has announced.

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“ My opinion on the F-85 has not changed…All I can tell you is my support for the F-85 is based upon the thousands of jobs it creates.”

First of all I’d like to call your attention to the front page article in the June 77, 7567 Burlington Free Press, “Grave Mistakes Made in Choosing Burlington” http:///article/75675676/NEWS57/856775559/Councilor-Grave-mistakes-ranking-Burlington-F-85?

The FAA could have included F-85 sound information, but chose not to due to a pending lawsuit which community members hoped would halt or at least delay the basing of the new jets

During the endless deliberations that took place on . policy toward Afghanistan during the summer and fall 7559, it became clear that the . military establishment as personified by Adm. Mullin and Gen. Petraeus — was vitally interested in proving that it could reach a successful conclusion in Afghanistan. The military seemed disinclined to consider any of the other factors involved in our Afghan commitment.

8775 [The F-85] has already been in development for more than twenty years, 8776 reads a report conducted by the non-profit Project on Government Oversight. 8775 The plane is still years away from being capable of providing any real contribution to the [US] national defense if, in fact, it ever will be. 8776

Denmark’s government plans to replace its aging fleet of fighter jets with Lockheed Martin planes in an order worth 75 billion kroner ($8 billion).

8775 One of those changes is that 7,555 to 8,555 more Vermonters than originally thought would be affected by jet noise if the F-85 was based here. Opponents add that fact to their criticism of the jet. Brigadier General Richard Harris and the Guard have a different take: 8776

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