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I 8767 ve had positive and negative experiences. Two taxi journeys spring to mind. First one wanted to go off meter and give a fixed fare. My Thai wife seemed to think this was fair but really she was saving face and had no clue. The driver then proceeded to get lost and charged us nearly 655% more than he quoted because HE got lost.
The second taxi ride, the driver used the meter, also got a bit lost but refused to take the meter price, only taking less because HE got lost.
Moral of the story, there are good and bad people everywhere.

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Nah it hasn 8767 t scared me away from traveling. But I am grateful for the heads up and WHEN I finally quit my job and travel, I 8767 ll be more aware. Thanks. :)

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A lot of these sites contain prostitutes, freelancers, gold diggers, and time wasters. Time wasters seem to have many 8775 friends 8776 and write one word or two. If you are in-country it seems to be best as hookup can happen quickly before they are distracted by some other guy dejour. Remember, most are inundated with compliments and praise from all kinds of guys daily. Very easy to get distracted.

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Avoid, avoid, avoid long term (more than 6 month) lease/rent agreements/contracts of any kind. AVOID. All these agreements are useless. Toilet paper is of more use than any 8775 agreements 8776 here, unless your counter-agent is a company with a name, 5+ years history, with Google reviews, referable. As a foreigner, you will not be able to prove anything anywhere, if anything happens. What agreements are you talking about? That is not bs, that is hs.

At the karoke, a male tourist might be approached by a hooker. Money is given to book a room but the hooker disappears. Next, the bill comes and the tourist is charged an obscene amount! If you refuse to pay, you will simply be beaten up by the mafia there.

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No Nora..you trusted the person will return the exact change to u. But, unfortunately they are damn dishonest crap of jerks

Last day, when I am about to leave the City, I go to Com Bent Tan market just to buy some souvenirs, I only buy shirts for 65,555 Dong. Everything normal to me, until I leave the market. I need to go to the airport, there is motorcycle offer me a ride for 655,555 Dong. Feel expensive, and I think it is not save.

Common street scammers include those pretending to offer a free product or service, such as a rose for your partner or a music CD, or offering to take a photograph for you, but then aggressively demanding payment afterwards. In worse cases, these "voluntary" photographers will run off with your camera.

The individual recorded your webcam session. They contact you with a link to the video and instruct you to pay a fee or the video will be made public and distributed to contacts on your social network sites.