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All the things u wrote here could have been 95% true but why bother writing it out? Its because u just cant stop discriminating poorer countries and compare them to ur westernized country..

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Very active. We address this through our Facebook pages. Such as Middle Eastern 588 North African Scammers: https:///Middle-Eastern-Romance-Scammers-by-RSN-985758559877776/

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I 8767 m a student and lots of my friends go study abroad and came back complaining about how hard their life are out there.
I usually annoyed when some of them are complaining because I know that they being lazy,rude and stuff out there.

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Uber and Grab Taxi are viable alternatives, especially the fixed price Uber (Grab are known to demand a larger fixed price, refuse to use the meter, and refuse passengers if they do not agree, the old Taxi scams are alive and well.)

Fixed route songthaews congregate around Warorot Market. From Warorot Market, white songthaews travel to the eastern suburban city of Sankampaeng, yellow songthaews travel to Mae Rim in the north, blue songthaews travel to and Lamphun in the south, and green songthaews travel to Mae Jo in the northeast. They all charge a 75 baht flat rate.

iRobot customer service isn’t all on the same page about this news. While an online customer service rep directed me to the Twitter account and Angle’s statement, a phone rep confidently informed me that iRobot would not sell data. When I read him Angle’s statement, he was caught off guard.

I feel the need to limit with the number of websites. The more it gets created the more its complicating things. I am now scared to share any of detail cause of that.

Jim, respect for others is a universal thing, not a culture based thing. It is however translated differently in each culture.

Evenings in Chiang Mai are cooler than Bangkok and the south during the dry season, so air conditioning may be less of a priority.

Unfortunately a large majority of the Thai people are Ignorant, Lazy, Racist, Un-educated, Jealous, Corrupt, Selfish and that 8767 s the good ones! LOL