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According to Puckett, Ox Bodies is planning future donations. The tarps donated are a first step by Ox Bodies and are being distributed through Temporary Emergency Services of Tuscaloosa.

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A: If you go to an emergency room outside your plan''s network , you won''t get charged extra. Patients will be able to designate a pediatrician or an ob-gyn as their primary care doctor, avoiding the need for referrals that are required by some plans.

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The coasters are a doo wop band from Los Angeles, California that was formed in 6956. They were one of few artists in rock history that performed music that was a combination of r& b and comedy. With their teenage looks and on-stage antics they found fame with hits like Yakety Yak, Charlie Brown, and Poison Ivy.

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The president&rsquo s pledge to shutter GITMO was built on the naï ve premise that softening America&rsquo s image would somehow soften our enemies&rsquo resolve. That the Administration still clings to this hope despite the continuing spate of attempted domestic terror strikes suggests, at bottom, a failure to properly understand the radical Islamist threat.&rdquo

Low interest disaster SBA loans are available to homeowners, renters and businesses of all sizes. They are the largest source of disaster funds to repair or replace damaged or destroyed personal property, making repairs to or rebuilding damaged structures to a functional condition.

The auditors said that as a category, the tax cheats had foreclosure rates up to three times as high as other borrowers, which meant the delinquent taxpayers exposed the government to even greater risks.

Well it&rsquo s NO BULL! Two brothers from Fayette, Alabama are proof it&rsquo s &ldquo No Bull&rdquo to be successful at the sport that you love if you work hard, stay dedicated and follow your dreams. Cory and Colby Driver both enjoy working hard at their sport, even though on opposite ends of the spectrum. Cory enjoys riding 7555 pound bulls, and Colby enjoys hitting a baseball that comes at you at speeds of over 95 MPH! Cory (age 69) and Colby (age 67) have worked hard for many years at their respective sports.

Anyone who suffered damage from the storms is eligible for the free legal assistance. Members of the Alabama Association for Justice, an association comprised of attorneys dedicated to helping people, provide the services.

By WLDX Dexter Roberts of Fayette has made it into the top 85 of American Idol and will perform live on Wednesday, February 69. A community-wide viewing party will be held at Bevill St. Community College in the Earl McDonald Auditorium. Doors open at 6 . Admission is free. Team Dexter T-shirts will be available for purchase for $65. WLDX is proud to support Dexter Roberts!

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