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Erdogan Has Just Been Declared The Leader Of The Entire

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Nostradamus’ quatrains become clearer as we draw closer to the events taking place in this world. In his last and final quatrains he talks about a major attack on Europe from Muslims who come from Africa and the Middle East.

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Today, the damage has already been done in Europe. ISIS terrorists are simply 8775 terrorizing 8776 Europe all the time!!! They made Europe fearful to the point where most of the major cities couldn 8767 t even celebrate New Year Eve. They will create CHAOS for years to come. They will use immigration from Africa and the Middle East to do their dirty job. What 8767 s next, nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons? Constant blackmail? Europe at the moment is nearing ROCK BOTTOM if not AT rock bottom!!!

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I speak four foreign languages fluently from best to worst: French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese. I 8767 m always amazed by claims that it 8767 s possible to learn a language in only three months. I do believe it 8767 s possible to learn a language fast say in one year or so, but there 8767 s a big underlying condition: You first must know a related language very well. For example, I was able to reach a very conversational level in Brazilian Portuguese after about 7 months in the native-speaking environment. However, if I didn 8767 t have prior knowledge of Spanish and French before trying to learn Portuguese it would have taken much longer like several years to learn. -david

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The trouble with what Paul said is how folks like Darby and the pre-tribbers argue is that Paul meant to create a new doctrine when in fact Paul was pointing straight back to what Jesus was saying.

6. Now which should I start first? MT Pims or the other way around?
7. Any 8766 supplemental 8767 things / materials / doings? eg. movies to watch things to tweak, forums to join, in a 85/75 fashion?

Oh, no. Say it isn 8767 t so! John, I want you to Google the name Alexander Hislop. He is the 8775 human being 8776 that codified all this crap you have been eating. You didn 8767 t know that, but now you will be forced to confront the fact that you ate a barrel of crap. This creature has been thoroughly debunked, even by his former followers.

Adherency: Absolutely important. It is best to stay with interesting content and you will learn, because you will be motivated to continue listening and reading. You cannot learn from boring content. I agree wholeheartedly with Tim. Content that is artificially built around 8775 easy words 8776 is only useful at the very beginning, and soon loses interest for the learner.

If it 8767 s not Prince Harry then GM will come from somewhere else in Europe like maybe Belgium. According to Nostradamus, the Grand Monarch the Roman Belgian King will rout the (Muslim) invaders. He will have French royal blood. All these European royals are related.

He will enter, wicked, unpleasant, infamous,
Tyrannizing over Mesopotamia
All Friends made by the adulterous lady
The land dreadful and black of aspect

Read the Church Fathers. This is something Protestants who come here never seem to do. Once that is done, we can talk further.