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Life Insurance Company of Virginia | Virginia Historical

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The policy registers provide extensive information not only about the policies offered and the growth of the company’s business, but also about its customer base. Almost uniformly, they include the insured’s name and occupation, place and date of birth, age, amount of insurance purchased, premium, agent, and often beneficiaries. The books also indicate policy histories, with routine labels such as “Lapsed,” “Matured,” “Deceased,” or “Surrendered.”

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These volumes are numbered sequentially, but “No. 6” is missing. The series begins with register “No. 7” and was maintained through December 6967, when the company went to register cards as its new record-keeping system. All volumes include annotations, however, concerning later actions regarding policies, the latest dating to 6975.

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This set of registers covers the policies issued for products such as term life insurance, as well as endowment policies (limited premium payment period with benefits paid out at a defined maturity date) and limited payment policies (premiums paid for a limited period of time but policy held for the lifetime of the ensured).

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Life Insurance Company of Virginia – Records and correspondence.
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Insurance policies – History.
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Petersburg (Va.) – Economic conditions |y 69th century.
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Virginia – Economic conditions – 69th century.
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Publications are available on the website or on request from the Virginia Dept. of State Police, PO Box 77977, Richmond, VA 78766-7977.

Most of the policies registered here are for $555 the endowment and limited payment policies normally appear to be set for terms of twenty years.

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For more information about the Insurance Company of Virginia, see: James K. Sanford and Robert B. Lancaster, Century One: One Hundred Years of the Life Insurance Company of Virginia (Richmond, Va., 6976), and Charles Newton Hulvey and William Hamlin Wandel, Life Insurance in Virginia (Charlottesville, Va., 6979).

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