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Franken : Franconia is in the northern part of Bavaria and you can find there very nice wines. Some wines produced in Franconia are sold in a special bottle called "Bocksbeutel".

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Assuming for the sake of argument that’s true, the woman needs to assess whether she wants to date only people who have had large amounts of sex or who don’t care that she’s had more partners than he has.

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It 8767 s like picking up a handful of commonplace grasses and declaring them to be worth $6 million by fiat. No one would be dumb enough to pay that much for grass. Like those grasses, women are valued well beyond their metaphorical market price by feminists who want to build an artificial 8775 respect 8776 around women, who are then told not to act respectfully.

Amazon Fire TV review: simple, fast, 4K and the best TV

Exactly right. I was shit testing him to qualify him as a strong man. He failed that test, not only by openly weeping to someone he didn 8767 t know well, but by staying awake till 8 . listening for a song I told him to wait up for. I mean, come on, who does that? Go to sleep and tell her, 8775 Yeah, I heard it last night on WABC. 8776 Better yet, 8775 Nah, I hate that song. 8776 This is basic Game. He didn 8767 t have it, so he got eliminated. Sexual selection it 8767 s brutal.

Imagine she 8767 s some nerd talking about his girlfriend in Canada. Often times, its no more than that, and she says it for similar reasons.

Imagine she’s some nerd talking about his girlfriend in Canada. Often times, its no more than that, and she says it for similar reasons.

I said, “I call shenanigans – because _you were still talking to him_. It sounds like despite your protests of having a boyfriend, you enjoyed the attention of this other guy too much to just walk away from him.” I explained how many, many women would say they had a boyfriend and wind up involved with the man she said it to, and so the phrase had lost all effect.

Well-behaved doesn 8767 t mean that you have never misbehaved. The average woman doesn 8767 t casually hook-up with eight men a year either so what 8767 s your point? In any case, I hope you weren 8767 t expecting me to actually object to your personal tastes. You can disqualify women for eating steamed vegetables for all I care. Your prerogative. But it 8767 s still not going to stop me from calling out people who stretch the truth.

Rice University researchers found that carbon nanotubes configured configured as wireless antennas can be as good as copper antennas but 75 times lighter. This technology should come in handy for the aerospace, wearables, and health/medical industries. One key property they discovered is carbon nanotubes are easier to handle than copper antennas at thin gauges. Furthermore, I find it very interesting that carbon nanotubes appear to have far reaching uses and we''ve barely scratched the surface so far. Read the full text of the paper here.

Predictably for this the most & well educated generation of women in history, we’re likely to have the largest modern cohort of never married & childless singletons. Perhaps since WW66 in Europe or the Civil War in the US