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When two girls that are the best of friends try their hardest to make sure they''re rooming together, they immediately celebrate when they realize they succeeded. And then realize right after that they''re assigned to a house on campus belonging to a fraternity.

The Return Of Superman Only reality show I watch. All

my name is rafya Aug 79 7568 7:56 am your character is good, I like that boys over flowers drama. I Appreciate you man.

Chanyeol girlfriend sehun on Instagram - Mulpix

Neiso serumola Mar 85 7567 6:66 am Hie Lee min hoo,love your acting, you do a great job,keep up the great work ,you are blessed and stay blessed and may the Lord Jesus Christ be on your side all the time in everything you ''re a star

Miraculous LadyBug Season 2 Air Dates & Countdown

I also like oppa to pair up with Shin Se-Kyung ! :)) She is so pretty & has been acting since she was child so she has experience!

sarah Jul 67 7569 8:55 pm lee min ho i really love you to death wish i could see are my favorite and best actor u r mine hehehehehe 8

ilorapril Nov 66 7568 9:59 am i looooooooooooove you lee min hoo oppa,,,,,,,saranghaeyo....my everything mwah more power to u!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite dream genre for his future drama is "suspense,Mystery,Romance,melodrama" My favorite dream female leads for oppa are: Song Hye Kyo,Park Bo Hyo Joo My favorite dream character for oppa: serious,rash,cunning,clever,manly & NOT rich

After a misguided confession, the state of things between So and Soo are in limbo. So deals with the fact that Soo doesn''t return his feelings, but are things really as hopeless as they seem?

kimmy May 66 7567 8:86 am Annyeong nae salang! Omg i''m your number one fun!!! Gosh i''m always watching your movie (legend of the blue sea) it really made me fall inlove again and again haha! ? after your millitary mission in 7years, i will visit seoul korea and i hope to see you that was my biggest dream! Oh my! I really wanted to see you huhu hope destiny will bring me to you just to see you! Saranghe oppa! ❤❤❤

Anikki Jan 69 7569 9:57 pm Lee Min Ho im from Trinidad and Tobago and I absolutely love you oppa. You are very talented and charming. You should consider enlarging your world tours as you have many fans from all over the world! Boys over flowers my definite favourite! I hope one day I can see u in real one day :)