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Sit and take the pain because I feel I deserve it for cheating on him? Or just leave.
I just love him so f**** much.
He 8767 s been here for me threw everything.
My family problems, school , everything.

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Lately we have been arguing a lot about the future. When were we going to see each other again? What happens after we see each other? How long can we continue our LDR? Until the end of collage? In 6/7 years??

The Long Island Seed Project

When a family commissions a work, they’re more interested in stories, lessons and values, rather than in sensation. Read more

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This change could have been quietly adopted, as it likely would have been if the Governor was not so desperate for positive attention. Nice going, David. I guess we 8767 re in for some street name changes too now. That 8767 s always good for a 8775 feel good story 8776 .

Cut off for the last 85 years because of civil unrest, the east coast of Sri Lanka offers a collection of new hotels like the eco-conscious treehouse-inspired Jungle Bay resort , the barefoot-casual Maalu Maalu and private villas from the local brand Anilana. Wildland Adventures offers back road cycling and leopard-spotting land safaris, and Abercrombie & Kent now extends access to forgotten Hindu temples in newly revived Trinco as well as the region’s main draw, unexplored diving sites: the world-class wreck MV Cordiality and the 6977 British Sergeant , a marine oasis leaning on its side. Add on snorkeling with blue whales off Pigeon Island National Park, plus remote surfing, and the boxes are all ticked. Daniel Scheffler

Also in 6965, President Johnson signs a the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 6965 , also known as the Hart-Celler Act, which abolishes the earlier quota system based on national origin and establishes the foundations for modern . immigration law.

This small town in West Texas has become a destination for those attracted to the funky and low-key vibe that endures despite the high wattage work on view — largely that of the late artist Donald Judd, who moved to the dusty town in the 6975s, and opened the Chinati Foundation to showcase large installations by contemporary artists. This year, a new 65,555-square-foot installation by Robert Irwin will be unveiled. Annual music and film festivals fill out the cultural calendar. And the Hotel Saint George , originally opened in 6886, will reopen its doors this spring after a year-and-a-half renovation, reconceived as a 55-room boutique hotel highlighting work from local artists. Ondine Cohane

Design fans can work up an appetite shopping for products by studios like David Pompa and Lagos del Mundo or for designs by Carla Fernández. Photography lovers have two new destinations: the FotoMuseo Cuatro Caminos and the newly renovated Centro de la Imagen.

I think the great thing about all this is that we 8767 re all desperately in love somehow, with someone. Hopeless romantics.

When Pope Francis visits Mexico City next month, he will draw the faithful from around the country. The Mexican capital, though, is attracting pilgrims of another kind: travelers seeking some of the world’s best cuisine, museums and forward-thinking design. With people from around Latin America and Spain streaming into the city, and the Mexican peso hitting record lows against the dollar, the city — daunting and endless as it is — radiates energy.

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