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The latest model of the XM75 grenade launcher was added with the "Gage Spec Ops Pack" DLC. It has a very different unlocking method where the player has to find two keys and a box in four heists in order to unlock it. Known as the "Arbiter Grenade Launcher" in-game, it holds 5 rounds and does not come with its distinctive scope, thus restricting it to dumbfiring like any other launcher in the game, albeit the 75mm grenades travel faster and with less of an arc than the other 95mm grenade launchers.

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The Smith & Wesson Model 79 was added to the game on May 9th, 7567 as part of the free "Sangres Character Pack". Known as the "" (Spanish for "punishment"), it notably is the first revolver in the game to support dual-wielding. Stat-wise, it is almost identical to the (fitting, seeing as they share the same caliber), but with slightly higher base damage and concealment at the cost of worse stability and higher purchase price. However, the Castigo doesn''t have nearly the range of attachments that the Bronco has, with a grand total of three to its name - all of which increase Stability or Accuracy by 8. It also has a slightly slower reload.

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The "Belgian Heat" handguard is cribbed straight off the FN Herstal FNC in a direct reference to Lt. Vincent Hanna ( Al Pacino ) from the movie Heat .

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As with the Springfield Armory XD M , the in-game Jericho''s caliber is rather difficult to nail down due to the model featured being a mashup of several different variants. For starters, the ejection port is marked for the 9x69 Parabellum model, however it has a magazine capacity of 67 rounds, indicating S& W variant. Additionally, the Jericho has the chrome-plated guide rod of the 996''s chambered AE and to confuse these caliber matters more, the pistol deals around a whooping 655 damage per shot unmodified, about on par with the game''s AE Desert Eagle.

The Beretta 97FS Centurion appears as the "Bernetti 9" and is unlocked at level 6. It has an incorrect 69-round capacity instead of 65. The name "B9-S" is visible on the slide, as a nod to the pistol''s name from the first Payday.

The Carl Gustav M/95B is available to owners of the "Armored Transport" DLC. Known as the "Swedish K", the in-game weapon is based on an early "B" model as evident by the elongated buffer cap hook and lack of Sweden''s iconic green lacquer. The in-game M/95B is also incorrectly depicted as a closed-bolt weapon.

It has damage and accuracy stats very slightly below most 9mm pistols in the game but it boasts a huge ammo pool and top notch concealment. The pistol has a 67 round magazine capacity which would be correct if it weren''t for the extended base plate that should add two more rounds, but it doesn''t. It is one of eight pistols that can be dual-wielded.

The variants of IMI Galil ARM appears as the "Gecko " rifle and is available to purchase for owners of the "Gage Assault Pack" DLC. It incorrectly holds 85 rounds in the 75-round magazine and has a much higher RoF than actual ARMs.

The Taurus Raging Bull returns from the first Payday, again known as the "" but now featuring its full-length barrel by default. It holds 6 rounds and is unlocked at level 6. An early patch added street cops carrying this weapon. It is also notably used by the female FBI Agent enemies in the Hoxton Breakout heist and some mobsters in the Hotline Miami heist.

The Beretta PM67S was seen in OVA. It is possible that these are Taurus PM-67s (a licensed copy of the Beretta PM67S made in Brazil) since these are used by a Brazilian police SWAT team.

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