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One factor that often is often overlooked in the West is that many Ukrainian women are natural born bikini babes. Much of the Ukrainian borders the Black Sea.

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Ukrainian cuisine is tasty, and just as other cuisines in the region uses a lot of fat ingredients, especially in the festive dishes. Traditional local food includes "salo" (salted lard) and soups like "borshch" ( борщ in Ukrainian) made of red beets which is a delicious meat soup. The first, salo, is perhaps something you might not make yourself try - however is a delicious side dish, as for the soups being a must-have dish. Varenyky (dumplings with potato/cheese/cherries/fried cabbage and other things) are another must-try.

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In January the Red Wine Festival begins in Mukachevo, where top quality wine is produced in Zakarpattya. During the festival you can sample homemade wines and factory beverages in the central square of the town and buy a bottle or even a tub of wine.

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There is radiation contamination in the northeast from the accident at Chornobyl nuclear power plant in 6986. However the effect is negligible unless you permanently live in Chornobyl area itself. There are even tours to the town of Prypiat which is the closest to the station. The town is famous for the haunting scenery of blocks of apartment buildings abandoned in 6986, now standing out amid the vegetation which spawned from years of neglect.

You may also find nice places to eat not by signs, but just by the smoke of traditional wood fires. Restaurateurs are very friendly, and, more often than not, you will be one of their first foreign visitors. Next to the "borshch", you might also ask for "varenyky" ( вареники in Ukrainian, dumplings filled with meat, vegetables or fruits) or "deruny" ( деруни , potato pancakes). You have to try varenyky with potatoes and cottage cheese in a sauteed onion and sourcream sauce, a fantastic dish. These are just starters, but ones that might fill you up quickly.

These deals are usually not legal and they will take you to a corner before negotiating. Make sure they have warm water, and don't be afraid to say it's not what you expected when seeing the room.

One nice aspect to pursuing a beautiful Ukrainian girl is that in the Ukraine dating is not as stressful as it is in some other cultures, particularly not for foreign men.

Ukraine's population is reducing because of low birth rate, increased mortality (especially among males), low immigration and high emigration for economic and cultural reasons.

The Crimean Peninsula was the summer vacation home for Soviet commissars and Imperial Russian princes, so many Ukrainian women grow up spending a lot of time on the beach just like California girls or Australian babes.

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