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- I did not say I went to Egypt to substantiate what I said. Just explaining my amazement with the place, and the value of seeing it with one´s own eyes. People should really go there, it´s worth the money.

Strange Science: What is Evolution?

Part 7
6. &lsquo Clovis first&rsquo collapses
7. Genetic trails
8. Poseidonis and Cro-Magnon
9. Atlantis and American antiquity [58/66]

The Ancient Americas (2) - David Pratt

Fish 8775 drown 8776 in air. Coral will 8775 drown 8776 when it doesn 8767 t get enough O7 in the deeper water. The article, however, uses photosynthesis (or lack thereof) as the cause of 8775 drowning 8776 , which doesn 8767 t sit well with me.

How Many Planets Are In The Universe? – Starts With A Bang

And then there are genes that manage the big picture in a variety of organisms. First found in fruit flies, Hox genes regulate overall body plans for everything from bugs to birds. Although the genes differ between vertebrates and arthropods, they show remarkable similarities. They often occur together in a comprehensible order, in contrast with most other genes, and their order matters. Arguably grisly experiments with these genes show that moving them around creates fairly disgusting mutants, like flies with legs sprouting from their heads. Likewise, grafting mouse mouth tissue into a developing chick embryo demonstrates how Hox genes work across different animals the resulting chicks hatch with teeth, though the teeth look dinosaurian.

Lol my brother is so into this stuff. I find it hilarious myself. I''m thinking of making a drinking game out of it. Everytime they say, "it must have been aliens" in one way or another, take a drink. Everytime they say "Here''s a perfectly logical, scientifically proven fact. Or was it aliens? It must have been aliens" take two shots. You''ll be plastered before the first commercial break and actually start seeing some aliens :P

Agreed about the ways filmmakers can bend the truth towards their liking, but it would not be too far fetched to see this happening in the history books, the media and endless government propaganda/patriotism.

Given that your claim is based on the propositions you hold and the VERY FIRST ONE is false, this is sufficient to indicate your conclusion is faulty.

just because people cant prove how life began doesnt mean people can posit unsubstantiated claims. there are many other theories that are much better supported.

for All Brothers & and sisters no matter white,black or purple these ain''t racist comments it the only way to get to the vacuumed minds so that we could come together as earths children.

the insane thought or knowlige rather, is that we and our next generation and the one that follows will never really know, and maybe we will never know, because be honest its all speculation, everything is what we dont know and never will know, people i think we are doomed to live and die with a eternal mystery we will never know.