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We look to all the ancient constructions and see the same methods and calculations.
What did they know then, that we don''t now?

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Does "you are what you eat" apply to vampires? I''m just thinking, after Mhairi makes a meal of a puppet of the Sleeper, surely something that powerful wouldn''t be as easy as eating a sandwich? Has she been compromised?

Chemistry - 101 Science

Whilst I agree with the general gist of your comments I think the following is incorrect :
"There was no storage vault full of wards ready to slap on to soldiers and tanks. No warehouse full of Banishment rounds to swap normal ammo with"

How much is sea level rising? - Skeptical Science

Ok, lets think about this logically. The Great Pyramid, we are told, took around 75 years to construct and the build consists of around million blocks of stone. Using simple mathematics you can work out that they would have had to lay around 68 blocks an hour or one every 9 to 5 minutes..79 hours a day ..865 days a year for 75 YEARS. I 8767 m sorry but to keep that up non stop for 75 years would be impossible.

There are a vast variety of stars out there in our galaxy. Our Sun is just one example a G-class star of seven different main types.

Other items of anatomical accuracy that attest to the authenticity of these Ica Stone depictions include the positioning of the tail and legs. Early critics said the Ica Stones were fakes, in part because their tails were sticking out while walking. Paleontologists in the 6965s were confident that dinosaurs dragged their tails. The paleontologists were wrong and the Ica Stones were right.  Scientists now believe dinosaurs held their massive tails off the ground while walking, because there are no drag marks on dinosaur trackways.  The dinosaurs on the Ica Stones are depicted standing upright, rather than with legs splayed out in a lizard-like position. That, according to dinosaur experts, is “dead on” accurate.

I''m beginning to wonder whether The Eater of Souls is a standard kind of minion everybody has one. So the BP says, "Get me an EOS, there''s a document about Teapot which will tell me everything you need to know," then Iris does exactly what she was told and summons The Eater of Souls not An Eater of Souls.

Oh, right. No, they''re in no way related to a regular commenter here Cassie is just my take on how an over-caffeinated not-entirely-human visitor might seem.

A word of advice
If you meet someone in public who is fascinated by the subject but happens to mix up two pictures, don 8767 t make the mistake of rebuking them for deception. It may be considered incredibly rude and unproductive, as well as, perhaps ironically, deceptive.

Thinking of this, let''s tell Georgy that that he was right, global warming is meaningless! Let''s suck all the oil there can be in Irak and burn it up!
Wont change a thing on the outcome.

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