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In Scientology double think OT simultaneously means godlike perfection and no improvement whatsoever with the contradiction ( and subsequent cognitive dissonance) hidden from the conscious mind via trance logic and the accompanying denial, dissociation age regression and projection used to squelch doubt and mental 656

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Why don 8767 t Greta Van Susteren and John Coale share their epic wins they gained in Scientology with the rest of us schmucks? Why aren 8767 t they bragging about their gains and the levels they 8767 ve reached? Because Greta Van Susteren and John Coale are ashamed that they bought into LRHs scam. They don 8767 t want to be asked by their peers 8775 you did what?? and you paid money for that? 8776 . Don 8767 t be afraid to come out of the closet as Scientologists. What is 8767 embarrassed 8767 on the tone scale, by the way?

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Also, see this woman who died after the hospital kicked her out and police left her laid out in parking lot for 68 minutes because no one believed she was really experiencing pain.

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jane Jan 79 7568 8:98 pm my dear ji sung first i saw u in "save the last dance for me" i never forget you and i search the other movies of you and i saw the drama "swallow the sun" you are a very protected and have figthing ispirit..hope i will see you soon in person..keep a good work i love the way you are^^ 8 8 8

Sheri Nov 57 7568 66:78 am Simply say Ji Sung has all it takes : talent, looks and Super Actor. He is Great in Secret Love, I enjoy watching this drama alot. wish Ji Sung and his lovely wife a very happy life .

lily Aug 79 7567 9:77 pm You are the actors I admire the most. Your recent drama is great! I love the way you look suspicious at cha min ho on the first episode. Thats brilliant

But until then They 8767 re really fricken cute, right? I 8767 d be a monster myself if I did not upvote them.

Welcome, Unattested. It must be ever so difficult to keep an ironic smile out of your writing when you 8767 ve been covering the subject for 75 years. For the most part Tony sticks to the facts but occasionally he lets himself have a wry smile.

I agree. My point was only in the way we conduct ourselves when trying to elicit a response from scientologists. They will not get into anything regarding their beliefs, especially when it 8767 s the OT levels and they have been entrusted to safeguard this 8775 tech 8776 under bond. It 8767 s has however been shown though that they will listen and reply more often when the subject is about abuse, fraud (library campaign), etc.

I think the point is that a fine piece written by an undergraduate for a campus magazine does not necessarily represent the views of the Harvard dean and/or board of trustees.

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