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I love Medellin! I started this blog in order to help my English as a Second Language students in Medellin. I no longer teach English because my digital marketing agency has taken off.

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hey Andrew! I love your article, it 8767 s very interesting.
I used to be your student, so I Know some things about you you 8767 re an excellent person and an excellent teacher.
I just wanted to say it!!!
I admire you alot my best wishes
love u.

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Yeah some black ass wrote this..a black couple is a sign of class and respect. A blk dick with a white slut is in your face whitey

Marc Anthony is dating Italian model Raffaella Modugno

8776 but online dating can supplement your search. It can be another avenue to broaden your options. But you just shouldn 8767 t place all your hopes and dreams on it 8776
BINGO.. I used to tell my friends this all the time, use the site as a help tool do not make this your only source of trying to find a mate, you still need to put yourself out there and interact. I know we all lead busy lives which is one of the reasons online dating was created and became so popular, but it 8767 s still important to maintain your social/interaction skills.
SN: I know 8 people who met their now HUSBANDS on a dating website, so it does and can work and there are some good finds out there you just have to be patient and know how to filter through the trash.

That 8767 s a really good point. Most of the girls I know, and meet are not girls from Parque Lleras, Poblado, Rio Sur, or La Strada. As a matter of fact the only times I 8767 ve had one night stands have been with girls I 8767 ve met in those places. Thanks for the comment.

Thank GOD for this post! I must admit I for one, was starting to be a little too bothered by this entire portray of angry, bitter, crazy black women. What bothers me most is that it 8767 s even black men saying these horrible things about black women.

This is VERY interesting and actually makes me feel better about what is happening to me with my online dating. I am glad that everyone is having some of the same experiences. I thought paying for the service would weed out some of the idiots but apparently it hasn 8767 t. Thank God I am not the only one.

Usually they are with white men for financial benefits, and they don’t want to mess up the gravy train. So they are on their best behavior.

I just have to say omg, Naomi is so beautiful. I 8767 ve seen so much negative media against her that I 8767 ve never noticed this before.

Exactly but she identifies with blacks hence the we. But I’m black and I have said and we’ll continue to say the same as her my family is Puerto Rican dominican Caribbean and still all black

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