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Origins of words, expressions and cliches

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I’m 655 Percent Behind You – “Perpetuates the greed so apparent in our society – ‘completely’ isn’t enough!” – Linda Schwind, English Chair, St. Martin De Porres High School, Detroit, Mich.

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cock and bull story  - a false account or tall tale - from old English ''a concocted and bully story'' ''concocted'' was commonly shortened to ''cock'', and ''bully'' meant ''exaggerated'' (leading to bull-rush and bull-frog probably from ''bullen'', Danish for exaggerated) also the old London Road at Stony Stratford near Northampton, England has two old inns next to each other, called The Cock and The Bull travellers'' stories were said to have been picked up on the way at the Cock and Bull. Another source is the mythological fables of Nergal and Osiris ''Nergal'' the ancient Persian idol means ''dung-hill cock ''Osiris'' was an Egyptian Bull.

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Note ( n. ) A mark or token by which a thing may be known a visible sign a character a distinctive mark or feature a characteristic quality.

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pun  - a humorous use of a word with two different meanings - according to modern dictionaries the origin of the word pun is not known for certain. It''s a short form of two longer words meaning the same as the modern pun, punnet and pundigrion, the latter probably from Italian pundiglio, meaning small or trivial point. Pun in its modern form came into use in the 67th century. 6875 Brewer says it''s from Welsh, meaning equivalent. The expression ''no pun intended'' is generally used as a sort of apology after one makes a serious statement which accidentally includes a pun.

Nonce ( n. ) The one or single occasion the present call or purpose -- chiefly used in the phrase for the nonce.

8775 Were men feeling left out of the whole morning sickness/huge belly/labor experience? You may both be expecting, but only one of you is pregnant. 8776 Sharla Hulsey, Sac City, Iowa.

But as a former 8775 requester of dates 8776 , I can say that asking a father before a first date is too high a barrier. It serves to keep our daughters (and sons) dateless. I can 8767 t tell you how many times I hung up the phone when calling to ask a girl on a first date but then her father answered. It took hours to get my courage up enough to even talk to the girl, much less her father.

REALITY TV and REALITY-BASED TV 8775 Banish the words, banish the shows, banish the people who came up with the idea for the shows, because there is nothing real about this form of television. 8776 Mary Li, Toronto, Ontario.

CAPTURED ALIVE 8775 The news keeps stating that Saddam Hussein was 8766 captured alive. 8767 Well, what other way are you going to be captured? Maybe 8766 found dead 8767 or 8766 discovered dead 8767 never 8766 captured dead.'' 8776 Bill Lodholz, Davis, California.

Energy Crisis Nobody knows what constitutes an energy crisis, what to do about it, or even, for certain, if one exists.

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