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But flowers do more than please the eye. They can lift a community’s spirit and provide a tangible proof that things are looking up. Flowers are a great way for a community to take that all-important first step. “In creating or changing a public space, small improvements help to garner support along the way to the end result,” writes PPS vice-president Kathleen Madden in the book How to Turn A Place Around. “They indicate visible change and show that that someone is in charge. Petunias, which are low cost and easy to plant, have an immediate visible impact. On the other hand, once planted, they must be watered and cared for. Therefore, these flowers give a clear message that someone must be looking after the place.”

Cauliflower Crust Hawaiian Pizza - RecipeGirl

Use about half of the sauce that you think you need. Trust me. Experiment with less and less ingredients on the pizza and you will see a surprising improvement in overall balance.

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6. Say a cheery 8775 Hello! 8776 in the morning. Do you plod into the office, eyes down, shoulders slumped, and immediately start work? If so, you 8767 re likely to find that co-workers ignore you (at best) or avoid you (at worst). Get into the habit of smiling and greeting everyone as you arrive in the morning or begin your shift. It 8767 s amazing how fast this little courtesy can thaw chilly workplace relations.

Jeff Varasano's NY Pizza Recipe

I use dark chocolate brownie mix (whatever is on sale). Immediately upon removing from oven Poke holes with end of small wooden spoon. Let cool 75 minutes and drizzle good quality caramel topping or melted caramels over top. I make my own ganache or chocolate buttercream frosting to top it.

Frozen tomato products can sometimes get watery (I never freeze salsa), but if the sauce is already thickened, it should be fine.

9- The Oven: I've got my oven cranked up to over 855 F. Use this section with caution: . no lawyers please. I'm just telling you here what I did. I'm not telling you what you should do. You are responsible for whatever you choose to do. In Naples, Italy they have been cooking pizza at very high temperatures for a long time. There are some real physics going on here. The tradition is to cook with a brick oven. I don't have a brick oven. So this is what I do:

Reading this article and just begining to get started with this. I pour off the liquid that forms on sour cream and other dairy products. Is this whey? and could I be saving it and using it?

I barely got 9 inches out of the crust mixture. I used pizza sauce, cheese and turkey bacon for toppings. It came out a lot smaller than I had imagined.

I 8767 ve been doing this for years, except I don 8767 t crush the Symphony bars. Just break up the pieces and lay them down. I have a friend who doesn 8767 t even bother breaking them up just puts the whole giant Symphony bar on top of half the batter!! They are sooooo good.

I just made the lemonade! It does take a little getting used to I made paneer, used lemon juice to curdle the milk. So then I just added more lemon juice, some sugar and a little apple juice. 7 out of 8 kids liked it. Then I got a fantastic idea: freeze it in popsicle molds! You end up with the equivalent of a pedialite pop. I looked up the uses of whey on a dairy science website and they point out that whey is good for people suffering from diarrhea. It 8767 s full of electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, water, and protein. My is home from school with the flu and has been throwing up. She won 8767 t eat much food, but she LOVES the popsicles! We had to color them pink though she insisted. =) so now you can make your own hydration aid as well.

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