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Luv your tutorial and will be checking out your sites and soak up that valuable knowledge Thanks a Million.
Also checked out the image that you took while in Japan and loved the way the light was glowing from the building in HDR, i currently live in japan and luv shooting myself. http://

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Free HDR tutorial - Stuck In Customs

Hey Trey! I want to thank you so much, you have opened my eyes in a whole new way for photography. I 8767 m currently a beginner and I 8767 ve been searching for this kind of technique and now you have shown me it. I cannot thank you enough, your photo 8767 s are breathtaking

just found your tutorial. Have been playing with the Photomatix trial and will buy soon, BUT, what blew me away in the tutorial was in the section, 8775 Seeing in HDR 8776 . I have been asking the EXACT question for years about my red being your green, but we have always CALLED it red, etc. I can 8767 t tell you how many 8775 Huh? 8776 looks I 8767 ve gotten over the years. Somebody gets it!!!

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Hi Jeff if you 8767 re on a Mac, we actually recommend Aurora. For PC, I 8767 d recommend the full version of Photomatix. Trey does have several tutorials over at , but they don 8767 t cover much of Photoshop and Lightroom 8767 s built-in HDR function, as they 8767 re found to be unsatisfactory. However, they do cover general use of those programs in all other areas of processing.